Many at times, I hear people ask “is there really success in blogging? What does it benefit you to be a blogger? Etc. This is why I have decided to write a blog that treat these questions. In this article, I’ll be explaining what blogging is and the things you need to succeed as a blogger.
What is Blogging?
Blogging refers to the act of posting contents online which are usually niche or theme based and are in reverse chronological order. A blog is a virtual bulletin board where you can write on any topic that you want. It is a form of internet marketing where you can make it big, earn passive income and live a self-boss life. From my research and experience, listed below are what you need to succeed as a blogger.
# Choosing the Right Niche
To be a successful blogger, the first thing you need to do is to choose a niche. There are several factors that affect the choice of niche you choose, some of them include: Interest, trending things and of course providing ideas and solution to pressing issues. However, I strongly recommend that you consider all of these factors so that you’ll end up choosing not only the right niche but a profitable one. The key to this is research, spend quality time researching
about the niche and give it all your best, remember success requires input.
#Choosing the right VPS or Hosting
When you’re done with choosing a niche, the next thing is to begin to set up your blog in the webspace. Just like me, the first thing you’ll do is to select a name for  your blog and check for it availability (I recommend you choose a domain name related to your niche as this will give prospective visitors a clue of what the blog is about). If it is available you proceed to host your domain name. Here, you need to choose the right VPS or hosting service provider and you need to consider factors like cheap price, server  uptime guarantee, user-friendly control panel, reliable service and most importantly  excellent tech/ customer support. For purchasing VPS, I recommend, it combines all the factors I mentioned earlier and also comes with free trial.
#Why you should start Blogging?
There are over one thousand and one reasons why you should start blogging, remember in the
beginning of this article, I said it is a form of internet marketing where you can make it big, earn passive income through affiliate ad from websites like, and etc. You can also earn through contextual advertising, selling ad space, Adsense etc. and live a self-boss life. A blog is like your own micro internet real estate. By building an audience through your interesting and informative blog posts, you
can harness this piece of real estate to sell your brands, products and services to your fans who visit your blog on regular basis.
Now that you’ve gotten the answer to what is blogging is all about, I advise that you work towards
having one and making the best use of it. This will make you find it interesting. Moreover, blogging can be the door to your financial freedom and serve a beneficial purpose to uplift your business and brand. I advise that you
should be professional with your blog, ensure you share posts that will create a positive impression on your readers and will help you build your reputation. Share thoughts, views and opinion and watch blog traffic grow amazingly.



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    1. This is excellent advice, John. There’s so much that I agree with here, some of which has appeared elsewhere, but this post puts it all together with one neat bow on top.

  6. I love this write up. Especially because I want to own a blog some time in the future, not necessarily for the money but for writing and interacting with people. Though the money would be an added bonus.

    1. Correct, doing what thing you loved like making a blog with your topic, passion and style is one of the great things you can do in our time, in this modern world which internet is already part of life of the most people of the world and making money in blogging? all i can say is wow!, you can have money while having fun in your blog.

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    1. I do agree with you, most blogger out there are just there for the love of money they don’t take out time to create their own content, 90% of their contents are plagiarized. I believe if a blogger does it for the love of writing he/she definitely will make it through at last. An informative article

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