Keep your eyes open, and observe your ex’s behaviour around you and before you understand it, you’ll have the ability to recognize in case your ex still has feelings for you right away.

Huge opportunities are in case your ex still likes you is that they’ll avoid dating anyone else for a very long while. A likely reason they’d need to flaunt their single-but-not-prepared-to-mingle status would be to inform you they’re prepared to wait for you and that you reside in their heart.

Is it true that your ex-husband make it a point to share their glum outlook with everyone else on the planet? Do they show signals of missing you with status upgrades on Facebook like “my life feels so empty”or “I’m worse or so tired of this world” “good-bye, brutal world!. In case your ex-husband hangs out in each of the areas both of you used to spend some time in as a twosome, or links to “your tune”on their public pages, odds are, they’re shouting for your attention.

They’d phone you more often than a routine buddy, in case your ex-husband would like you back. And more times than not, they hold the cellphone might simply call you, mumble something softly and listen to you personally breathing. And if you’d would like to hang up, they’d simply drag the breathy dialogue for just a little bit more. Creepy? Yes. Depressed? Definitely.

They’d act in an exceedingly warm and friendly manner even following the break up when an ex-husband still likes you. The truth is, they’d be warmer and much more affectionate than it is possible to ever recall. If your ex-husband talks in whispers daringly and an extremely soft tone and fondly to you when you both are simply pals, there oh-so-much love in the air, even if it’s simply one sided.

You might get goose flesh, what with every one of the snapping electricity and chemistry in the air. They likely wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole in case your ex-husband dislikes you.

If an ex-lover needs to get back on you and is interested in you, they’d undoubtedly make the attempt to get to know your day-to-day actions behind your back as well as everything about you.

Has your ex-lover talked about the errors they made in the relationship and how things might have been different when they might have transformed for the interest of the relationship before and phoned you? In case your ex-lover attempts to demonstrate repentance, or needs to inform you that they’ve transformed for the better, or should they attempt to clarify incomplete problems from the previous relationship, it makes it quite clear that they would like you to give the relationship a brand new opportunity because they’re now a new and improved man.

You would like the greatest hint your ex-lover would like you back? Well this is it. In case your ex-lover would like you back, they’d let you know that they miss you as well as open up to you personally.

All for sure, you want your ex-lover back since you’re reading this article and that’s for sure


  1. I don’t really know how many times you can take someone back, though. What if the person says that they want to start again and it seems like they just like to “start over” or have a “break” when they are bored? I am not sure about the sincerity of the person when this has happened so many times. I see all the signs, according to the article, but I am not sure how to act on this. It’s good to know I am right in thinking this is where he is leading with this, after reading your article. It’s informative, regardless of what I decide to do.

  2. “If an ex-lover needs to get back on you and is interested in you, they’d undoubtedly make the attempt to get to know your day-to-day actions behind your back as well as everything about you.” – Wow! This explains everything! I like this article, I remember my ex and he told my friend that he still can’t get over me, that’s really tough because I already moved on. Life goes on, so yeah.

  3. In case my ex wants me back, sorry but I am not interested. I am not stupid to be fooled again. I can live alone. I can still have a wonderful life without him. I don’t need a trash in my life. I thought before that I found a prince charming but I was wrong.

  4. When I and my ex-boyfriend have broke up a few months back and I always goes to his apartment butvthe other day, he saw me and he run away . But I dont know why did my ex-boyfriend run away when he sees me ? Can someone give me a hint.

  5. He probably run way because he thinks you bother him or he was not expecting you. But according to this wonderful post, the illustrations from this post shows that he dont love u anymore. Those are definitely notna sign that he still loves you.

  6. When i and my ex-boyfriend have broke up a few months back and i always goes to his apartment but the other day, he saw me and he ran away . But i dont know why did my ex-boyfriend run away when he sees me ? Can someone give me a hint.

  7. He probably ran away because he thinks u are bothering him. And mayb he wasnt expecting you.
    From all senses and illustrastion from this spectacular post. Its obvious that he dont want you back. Mayb u jst wait for him to show u the signs that he still wants you back..

  8. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will tell you several things after the separation, but you can’t truly believe everything these people say. Heck, a person can’t even believe in their action. Overanalyzing your own ex’s behavior may drive you insane. And in actuality, analyzing their behavior won’t help you get an ex back or move ahead.

  9. I think it would be really complicated to get back with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a good list of behaviors to look for, but even so, it doesn’t mean you would want to get back with them. It could be a warning that you need to get away. Think about why you broke up before!

    1. The truth is your ex is hurt and probably confused about their feelings for you. Luckily, these are just few signs that will tell you whether or not your ex still loves you.

  10. Hah, even if I see signs from my ex that he wants me back in his life. I won’t be giving him a chance anymore. In a relationship, it’s not always love. Trust is definitely needed. Anyway, this article is nice and thank you for informing me. If I see these signs from my ex, I will just tell him to dream on.

  11. Well we all have our own views, but most people had the reason why they broke up so why go back to the ex, when there’s another beautiful girl or handsome boy out there.
    This is the best article have ever seen on ex’s getting back together but all of us have our priorities. For those that want to get back to there ex. READ THIS

  12. What a crazy person you have to be for coming back with your ex, remember that you left that person for a reason… I have a meet a lot of couples that break up and then come back, and they do this over and over again, I just cannot understand this.

  13. You know, this article brought back old memories, reminds me of my experience with my EX when we broke up, I hardly could do anything because i still loved her, i will end up dailing her number to check on her, keep track of her movements and so on, but she never came back to me. For everyone that wants her EX back this article is for you.

  14. If you are still in love with your ex, you will surely be interested and happy to read this article. But if not, you will find this article so irritating especially if you have finally moved on from your ex who, on the other hand is thinking that someday you will be back in each other’s arms again.

  15. Wow! It’s like the writer know exactly what I am passing through. My ex has done almost all the things mentioned in the article but I have moved on. He caused the whole crap. I am enjoying my new relationship now. I am even expecting our first child next month.

  16. If you guys keep talking like pals one among you might be missing the feeling of being together again. What is more important is to know what caused the break up in the first place and see if the person have actually changed not when they say they have. The truth is, it is not advisable.

  17. I’ve been quite in trouble after my ex-wife left me and was living alone around a year which made me little depressed all the time not only because she left me, but she used to call me once in a while. This article showed me the reality that I should try her again. Very insightful and informative article.

  18. One of the best likely things to do right after a breakup is to cut off contact with your ex. That’s because, in the period immediately following a breakup, misperception is at an all-time high. You’re most liable to do and say things that you’re going to regret future and any contact with your ex is only going to make the situation worse.

  19. If there comes a time that my ex-boyfriend wants me back, I will say no way, you lost your chance with me. This is because I’m the type of person who cannot trust someone easily. I think if a person really loved you, he would not hurt you intentionally the first time.

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