Are you one of  those that are  intending to purchase an automobile? A first time auto buyer with no intimation of what to search for? Here are seven points to consider before purchasing your first car:
What’s your financial plan?
For an automobile worth Php 1million, you’ll need Php 200,000 up-front. Consider if you’ll be able to pay the deposit and the amortization despite feeling which you deserve a fresh trip. If not, it is possible to either limit to postpone buying your dream vehicle till you’ve stored up enough to reach the deposit or a less expensive auto.
What’s your primary goal for purchasing an automobile?
Your primary goal will be for transportation, however, several extra features can be served by your automobile at the same time. For purchasing an automobile evaluate your motive, and purchase one that clicks many of the standards off your check list. By way of example, a car is not bad for heading to work while a pickup vehicle is less inappropriate for strategies transport.
Maybe you have completed your study?
From creating a pros and cons checklist to trying to find the most inexpensive vehicle maker between guide and automated automobiles, before buying an automobile it’s better to do your re-search first. Through negociate you can even visit divisions of precisely the same car dealer to get the cheapest cost in your automobile. Foregoing or spending in funds addons may provide the price tag on the automobile down.
What are your funding options?
You might have plenty of to include the deposit that is 20%, but think concerning the remaining 80% of the auto’s worth? The alternative that is typical would be to take a car loan out, and you’ll be able to use for this inhouse or in a lender that is different. Before the documents are signed by you and choose for inhouse funding, it to return to stage 3 – study. Implementing for inhouse funding may possibly be less of an inconvenience, however you can get an improved offer elsewhere. Contemplate your entire funding alternatives first and try to find the one with the cheapest rate of interest and repayment provisions that are flexible. This might function as perfect period to make your selection.
Are you able to stay informed about the month-to-month repayments?
You produced a selection on which auto and automobile loan to get, however, isn’t it time for the month-to-month obligations? A A larger sum is equaled by a shorter payment period body for automobile repayments s O you should have another budget on your monthly mortgage obligations.
To stay with your budget, the minute you get your wages bills. By doing this you’ll prevent accumulating curiosity repayments and spending just the minimum amount thanks. The reason being you’re reducing debt spending after and first instead than spending and.
Have you been pleased with the test drive?
You dreamed of having automobile X, for years in order to manage stated automobile and also you preserved. You’ve have a try out of the automobile and saved-up the deposit you need to buy. If the auto doesn’t match your expectations when it comes to additional variables up on testdriving or simplicity in steering, then reconsider your choice. Do your re-search again by testdriving different cars till you locate the best one for budget and your needs.
Isn’t it time for the auto possession costs?
Up on buying it auto costs don’t finish. Inquire yourself Am I prepared for the additional expenditures automobile possession requires?’
Including energy expenditures, cost costs, auto insurance, and a plan for care checkups among the others. Regular checkups ensure that the car is in tiptop condition over time. An energy tank that is vacant makes your auto worthless. You then must plan for cost charges if you want to pass the cost approach daily to arrive at function. Above all, auto insurance – with a single, you’ll conserve profit the lengthy operate because you spend a smaller sum for the insurance contract when compared to a major re-pair (in case you fall upon a-road accident without insurance).
To generate a budget that is reasonable, listing your entire automobile expenditures down for a month.
The duty of automobile possession
Automobile possession is a duty that is big and should be provided consideration before buying one. Whether you’re an initial-period, or replicate auto purchaser, the seven suggestions above may assist in producing a selection direct you.


  1. This article is truely educatives. Most people rush into buying automobiles without considering the factors of what expenses that follows afterwards. So many people buy their first automobile not for a good reason but out boasting of having money. It is very important that we have more money to mantain the car after buying and few things to consider before buying a car.

  2. Dreaming of having a car is fine but if you buy your dream car make sure you can finance the monthly amortization in case you are planning for an installment basis. If you have the budget to buy a new car, go ahead and buy it. But if your income is not good enough you should read this article. It will help you decide.

  3. Amazing guide for buying a car. Before you take possession of your new car, give it a detailed inspection, both inside and out. Check for any damage or unexpected wear and tear. Address any concerns with the salesperson before handing over a check.

  4. These days, almost everybody is dreaming or thinking of buying a car, this piece highlights seven good points that needs to be considered when buying a car. The points are thus cognizant and highly vital for everyone to consider when buying an auto. Don’t just buy a car without considering the seven point.

  5. I’m in the market for a new car so I can get to work. This article had lots of great advice for someone like me who needs to have a plan so I can get the right car for my career. Coming up with a financial plan might be tough, but it’s going to be worth it.

  6. I know that in some countries buy a car is a major decision because you can consider it as a luxury item. I am currently saving for buy one, pretty useful to read this and realize what I have to do in order to buy my car, thanks a lot!

    1. Great! I am happy that someone really has found a huge help in things that has this kind of sense. Surely some countries have a thing in purchasing cars because apparently they have a view at it as a very huge thing. But good for you, because you really do prepare for yourself and for your future, best wishes!

  7. Buying an automobile is a tricky stuff because some may go for the looks while some might go for the engine capacity. This post talks about what to consider when you are on a verge of buying an automobile. This article is highly vital for everyone to consider when buying an automobile.
    Nice post keep it up

  8. Budget is the first thing to consider. Yes, I want to have a car. But I should wait for the right time before I grab a car key. I should also ask myself if I really need to have a car. If my monthly salary is not enough to pay the amortization I should not consider my dream for now. But it doesn’t mean that I’m giving it up. I will just wait for the right time.

  9. Now is a good time to buy a new car. The scraps facing the auto industry are unparalleled and so are the deals obtainable to buyers. Car dealers need to sell cars in order to stay in business, which makes this a strong buyers’ market. Rebates, financing, and trade-in values are the best they’ve been in a long time.

  10. First I didn’t think buying a car would go this deep, but now I know it’s not just going to a car sale and waste a chunk of money, rather it’s a step by step process starting from my requirements and ending in how I’m going to maintain my new asset in the future. Very informative, all-rounder type article.

  11. Buying a car is so important, because it makes your life easier, easier than what it was before. But buying a thing that costs too much has a huge risk, that is why you need to peek on the things that needs to be considered. This has good points and relevant issues regarding things about purchasing cars, if I were that kind of person who really needs one, I would definitely recommend to check on this.

  12. Before buying a car you have to make sure that you can be a responsible car owner. You need to know how to take care of your car. If it’s a necessity in your life, go ahead and buy one. But if you just want it for luxury, better think carefully first before buying it.

  13. I am planning to get a new Car next month. I really thank you for posting this article here. I think it will help on a very good choice. The article is very timing. With this article I think I will make the right choice. Thanks a lot.

  14. Getting a car is really a good investment. Cars are considered a necessity not only a luxury. It provides comfort and convenience especially during rush hour and sudden weather change. Before buying a car, you have to research about what car fits your [daily] lifestyle. You need to know how to take care of it. This article really helps you make a decision when you are planning to buy a car.

  15. Automobiles are considered to be a necessity by a lot of people. In purchasing a car, a lot of things are needed to be considered. One is the availability of your funds as well as the purchase plan that you have. Another is to consider the main purpose of the purchase to know what type of vehicle you are going to buy.

  16. It is one of my dream to have a car in the future. I’ll make sure to remember the information provided above in the future.

  17. Thanks For the Post.Most people rush into buying automobiles without considering the factors of what expenses that follows afterwards. So many people buy their first automobile not for a good reason but out boasting of having money. It is very important that we have more money to mantain the car after buying and few things to consider before buying a car.

  18. As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, it loses up to 20 percent of its value simply because it’s not new anymore. That’s a big drawback. But there are valid reasons to choose a new car, besides the nice smell. Car manufacturers are constantly adding substantial new safety features, so you may have to buy a new model if want a luxury car with a pre-collision detector that warns you if you are about to hit something, or a minivan with built-in GPS and rear-view camera.

  19. Car is one of the WANTS of every people since it will take you anywhere and you will be more comfortable while travelling from one place to another. Yes, we need to consider budget in purchasing cars but it will be ideal if we already have all that we needs rather than what we want in life.

  20. Know the purpose why you want to buy a car, is it for family use, for business or for luxury. Then, consider your budget whether you will pay it in cash or through financial institutions. With your budget, it will help you decide what brand you are going to purchase.

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