Marriage is the final stage for couples. It serves as the ultimate title for the state of affairs between lovers, regarded in many ways across all religions as such. Being in a marriage is sacred and both parties are expected to honor the vows they have sworn to during their ceremony. But as the song goes, there’s a sunset even in paradise. Mistakes are made, fights are won and lost. What are left behind after gruesome skirmishes most of the time are the shells or a former happy marriage. Anger comes and goes, and after everything has been said and done, partners would want to keep it together again. Sometimes for a number of reasons: for the sake of the kids, time and relationship invested or the memories both cling on to. Whatever the reason may be, fixing trust in a marriage is a difficult but fruitful endeavor, as long as both parties continue to hold up.
                One common way for fixing trust in marriages is through counseling. Family counseling is where partners seek the help of a professional to help them sort out their marriage. Counselors only guide the partners to understand their situation and how to go about fixing the problems. The actual fixing goes on between the partners. This activity could go on from a couple of weeks to a couple of years and its effectiveness is largely influenced by the conscious efforts of all parties concerned and their general mindset on the process. If there is doubt or helplessness in the fray,
it will hinder all talks and procedures on addressing and reviving the spirit between the partners. It will also make the counseling a long and tedious process to undertake if not all of the parties involved is participating to what they want to make out of their relationship.
Another way to go, in conjunction with counseling, about this is for the parties together to undergo
marriage seminars or groups. Different couples through all walks of life come together to address a fault in their marriage. This is also a popular idea because all members of the group are free to share their experiences and their
insights on how to live with these issues. This is hard to do for some people, as they will inevitably reveal their vulnerabilities not just to their spouses but also to everyone in the group. The assurance is there that all will be
understood because all are going through the same hardships and are committed to the activity. After a few sessions together, couples will feel a lighter burden as they have found people to share it with. Unique friendships are born
out of these get-togethers.
Commitment is the key to fixing what has been damaged in marriage. A conscious effort between partners to go
through the process of repair and renewal is needed in order to achieve the goals they have set between each other. Most of the successful marriages are those who have also succeeded in fixing what they have broken, and that part is
also a meaningful chapter of their married life.



  1. This is a good post.It does take dedication and commitment to your partner to do all this, but it really is worth it and the only way. Without both partners in the marriage having a commitment to the relationship for the stages that it can come to in a really deep connection, they can never know the best of a relationship that is truly irreplaceable and unique, never to be had, again.

  2. Having an experience to be a part of a soon-to-be broken family, it wasn’t easy for the us children to see our parents starting to break from each other. When one of them started to drift further away and create more distance between us and the other parent, it is was a very depressing view. But I was very lucky enough that the one who was left behind fought for the relationship so hard and never gave up even if he’s the one who was cheated on. It wasn’t easy to rebuild the trust but I think because of the love and worry he has for us, he worked for the relationship an the other one felt the fight he fought for the relationship and eventually gave in and came back to us. It is difficult if the trust is once broken but of course it takes a lot of courage and reasons to fight for the marriage that two lover promised in front of the Almighty.

  3. You can never gain the trust of someone until you are not totally sincere and loyal to them. When you are in a relationship like this where you are too close even your thoughts are revealing to the other partner. Even you speak very politely to your partner but your thoughts are against your words. Your relationship will not be smooth. Try to tell everything to your partner it will release your tensions and also will smoothen your relationship.

  4. First be wary of cliches and pat answers that promise quick solutions to the problem you’re facing. By your own testimony, it’s taken many years to build the wall of bitterness and suspicion that now stands at the heart of your relationship.Trust is something that has to be earned

  5. I agree with this article, marriage is a long term commitment, a license that has no expiry date. But there are things that are uncontrollable like trust and respect just vanished. It will not be easy to fix but it will be a long processed to heal. Both should be willing to forgive and forget.

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