Marriage is the final stage for couples. It serves as the ultimate title for the state of affairs between lovers, regarded in many ways across all religions as such. Being in a marriage is sacred and both parties are expected to honor the vows they have sworn to during their ceremony. But as the song goes, there’s a sunset even in paradise. Mistakes are made, fights are won and lost. What are left behind after gruesome skirmishes most of the time are the shells or a former happy marriage. Anger comes and goes, and after everything has been said and done, partners would want to keep it together again. Sometimes for a number of reasons: for the sake of the kids, time and relationship invested or the memories both cling on to. Whatever the reason may be, fixing trust in a marriage is a difficult but fruitful endeavor, as long as both parties continue to hold up.
                One common way for fixing trust in marriages is through counseling. Family counseling is where partners seek the help of a professional to help them sort out their marriage. Counselors only guide the partners to understand their situation and how to go about fixing the problems. The actual fixing goes on between the partners. This activity could go on from a couple of weeks to a couple of years and its effectiveness is largely influenced by the conscious efforts of all parties concerned and their general mindset on the process. If there is doubt or helplessness in the fray,
it will hinder all talks and procedures on addressing and reviving the spirit between the partners. It will also make the counseling a long and tedious process to undertake if not all of the parties involved is participating to what they want to make out of their relationship.
Another way to go, in conjunction with counseling, about this is for the parties together to undergo
marriage seminars or groups. Different couples through all walks of life come together to address a fault in their marriage. This is also a popular idea because all members of the group are free to share their experiences and their
insights on how to live with these issues. This is hard to do for some people, as they will inevitably reveal their vulnerabilities not just to their spouses but also to everyone in the group. The assurance is there that all will be
understood because all are going through the same hardships and are committed to the activity. After a few sessions together, couples will feel a lighter burden as they have found people to share it with. Unique friendships are born
out of these get-togethers.
Commitment is the key to fixing what has been damaged in marriage. A conscious effort between partners to go
through the process of repair and renewal is needed in order to achieve the goals they have set between each other. Most of the successful marriages are those who have also succeeded in fixing what they have broken, and that part is
also a meaningful chapter of their married life.



  1. It does take dedication and commitment to your partner to do all this, but it really is worth it and the only way. Without both partners in the marriage having a commitment to the relationship for the stages that it can come to in a really deep connection, they can never know the best of a relationship that is truly irreplaceable and unique, never to be had, again.

  2. This might be worth it and useful for relationships even outside of matrimonial context. I would like to have used this advice in my last relationship and hopefully I will be able to fully use this advice in my next relationship, (or if I rekindle the one that was lost because I didn’t have such good advice, or was reluctant or just too lazy to adhere to it). This is great advice.

    1. I also encourage both partners to engage in light and easy activities that preserves a sense of continuity, fun, and a feeling of family. This can be as simple as having breakfast or dinner, watching a show on the couch together, or going grocery shopping. If there are children present, this is even more important.

      1. Simple activities when done together promote not only fun and a feeling of family but also contributes to strengthening the relationship that they already have.

  3. This article is very useful to those who are about to marry and those who are already married.
    Trust is the most important issue and element in every marriage. Without trust their will be no marriage. Its best to always go for counseling with your partner to build a happy and trustworthy family

  4. If you love your partner, you won’t do anything that will destroy your relationship. Trust should really be the main ingredient in a marriage, together with love and respect. When you lie and betray your partner, it will be hard to fix your marriage especially if there’s another party involved. However, couples should never forget that marriage is a lifetime commitment.

    1. As the Filipino saying goes “Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi parang kanin na mainit na kapag isinubo mo at napaso ka ay iluluwa mo”. Well said.

    2. respected
      by the way i am big fan of you, and always when i read article the first thing after that i search for your comment

  5. I quite agree with you Ria Gonzalex, Marriage should be built on trust along with respect and love for one another. This piece seems worthwhile, interesting, informative and educative, I really love this piece as It is just about time that I am planning to get married. Thumbs up to the author anyway

  6. Guys, do you actually think that the trust is something that you can fix a car? I read the article and even so I am not quite convinced yet when the trust gets broken that is it, there is nothing else to do with that. At least that is what I think…

  7. All of us want to get married expect if you want to be a nun or prest. So everybody need this article. Every marriage will surely hit the rocks but it’s the role of the husband and wife to make a union again, Husband and wife are the major role takers even if other people like counselors help them, they must decide if they are in need of the relationship

  8. The confidence on each other on a marriage is a really delicate thing, once it is broken it is really hard to repair, I will give a thumb just because this article, at least for me, could work to get restored again that bond with your partner. Simply amazing.

  9. There is no perfect relationship. Even if you love each other so much, there will be a time when you and your partner will face problems. Maybe you should both seek counseling because it will help you both realize that you should not give up on your marriage even when you encounter serious problems.

  10. I believe once there is a commitment between the two partners, there will be no need to involve a third party or going to see different counselors, partners can sit down together in all fairness and agree to make things work for them, there by growing and bringing back the trust. For those who wants to fix their marriage please READ THIS!

  11. I so much Love that song, there is sunset even in Paradise. If there is anything I must really advise married couple to always know is that no one is perfect. Don’t forget it is the same person you so much cherished I thought she was a perfect match for You. Patience is everything.

  12. Whether it be disloyalty, lies or broken potentials, these are major difficulties that invade your marriage. The trust between a husband and wife is severely spoiled by such deep betrayals. However, this does not mean that the marriage isn’t salvageable. Innovation trust in your marriage can be challenging when your spouse has done somewhat significant to breach your trust.

  13. Marriage is a very complex story that a single mistake could break a 10-year marriage if you don’t handle it properly. As mentioned, sound communication is definitely the main criteria where trust is built. If you are about to marry, I strongly recommend reading this one before anchoring your ship.

  14. I really love reading this article since I am already thinking about marriage at this stage. It is very hard to earn a person’s trust once you break it. It takes a huge effort and time to earn someone’s trust back. So, it is very important not to break it.

  15. One common way for fixing trust in marriages is through counselling. Family counselling is where partners seek the help of a professional to help them sort out their marriage. Counsellors only guide the partners to understand their situation and how to go about fixing the problems. The actual fixing goes on between the partners.

  16. Work as a Team.
    “Two are better than one,” states the Bible. Why? “Because they have a good reward for their hard work. For if one of them should fall, the other can raise his partner up.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9, 10) That principle is especially true when you are working hard to rebuild trust.

    Together, you and your mate can make a stand against the mistrust that has infected your relationship. However, you both need to be committed to saving the marriage. If you try to cope individually, you may be setting yourself up for more problems. You need to view each other as partners.

    That is what Steve and Jodi found. “It took time,” says Jodi, “but Steve and I worked together as a team to build a solid union. I was determined never to cause him such pain again. And although Steve was hurting, he resolved not to let our marriage fall apart. Each day, I looked for ways to reassure him of my loyalty, and he continually showed his love for me. For this, I will always be grateful to him.”

  17. What a beautifully written article. My husband and I, we have been together for 13 years and have gone through a lot of obstacles but I can say that our marriage is successful because after all the hardships, we are still together because we succeeded in fixing what was broken.

  18. Breaking someone’s trust could cost the whole marriage. It could also be the reason for the children to have emotional and behavioral issues. Breaking trusts not only destroys relationships but also a potential happy future.

  19. As the Filipino saying goes “Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi parang kanin na mainit na kapag isinubo mo at napaso ka ay iluluwa mo”. Marriage is sacred and if things fail, it should be a joint effort between the couple to save the relationship by any means, no matter what happens.

  20. As the writer said “Being in a marriage is sacred and both parties are expected to honor the vows they have sworn to during their ceremony”. It is very sacred indeed because you are committing yourself to your spouse for the rest of you life. But most importantly, in every marriage God must be in the center of it. Making God the center and highest priority of your marriage may be the key to saving it, even if it’s not in trouble — yet. Prioritizing God in our marriages means knowing Him in our hearts and reflecting Him in our actions. That means when it comes to dealing with problems regarding marriage you will have a clear understanding on what to do.

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