Probably one of the
hardest romantic situations for lovers to thrive in, Long-distance
relationships are still common occurrences today. Long-distance relationships generally
mean that lovers are separated by a considerable distance from each other,
hindering them to spend time with each other in person, without the conscious
effort to do so. Whether the separation was due to a family migration or a
pursuit of a professional career overseas, the decision to stay in the
relationship is a very mature and noble one, considering its sacrifices and
intricacies. Before the separation, promises are made and love is professed.
During the first weeks of separation and as things start to settle down, time
spent on the telephone or online dwindles and things start to be monotonous.
This is where it gets challenging – How do lovers keep long-distance
relationship interesting?
                Nurturing this kind of
relationship requires deep faith and commitment from both parties, as these
will be the foundation which will keep them steadfast to their promises. There
are a couple of things lovers would want to try out:
                (1) Surprises. Everybody loves
surprises – even those who say they don’t, except for those who were surprised
in traumatic ways in the past. Although the distance and time differences may
prove to be difficulties, they could serve as challenges to prove their
dedication to each other. A simple instant message or call not within previous
normalized schedules just to check on the other on what or how they are doing
could mean the world to the recipient. Surprises give room for creativity
between the lovers and may help build intimacy regardless of the distance.
                (2) Letters. Due to the
information industry boom, using the internet for worldwide communication
channels became common sense due to the ease of access and promptness of
exchange. Writing letters may seem unconventional, but writing and receiving
one have undoubtedly romantic flairs that electronic messages do not quite
replicate. This must be due to the fact that the greatest tales of romance of
the previous generations are directly linked to the exchange of handwritten
letters between lovers of different circumstances. Sending a handwritten letter
requires careful planning, especially during the time-sensitive occasions like
birthdays or anniversaries. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one should be a
poet or a writer in order to accomplish a letter, though it would help being
knowledgeable in those areas. Most of the time, personal letters relay a
stronger intensity of emotions than receiving an electronic message with the
same contents.
                (3) Gifts. Although giving gifts
personally is more intimate, giving gifts through others is the second best way
to do so in a long-distance relationship. Thanks to the internet, certain local
boutiques can accept remote orders with special instructions of delivery to the
desired recipient. This provides great room for customization to add personal
touches even if the sender is far away. Convenience is the mottos of these
stores so don’t hesitate to ask away when asked on delivery details.


                Little things take the biggest
places in the heart. When both parties look back to their time apart and wonder
how they managed all the way, they will realize the little efforts and
sacrifices both parties have put forth for the relationship are the best
memories of them all.


  1. I was in a long-term relationship that almost culminated in marriage, (my father stopped it due to misconception about the man’s intentions). I was young, but I can say that this is very relatable. I still have the drawings he made of us together and the postcards from Edinburgh that he sent. It was the little things that were so fragile and few that I treasured. It is evidence in that I still have them, and it’s bittersweet. The article reminds of that time, and how much it meant to have something of someone when you couldn’t have them to hold.

  2. Long-term relationships are very hard, but if you dedicated, they can be achieved. I am a faithful person by nature and I could be with the same person forever. I think this makes me sentimental for the long-term relationships I’ve had in the past and some of which developed into relationships where we were together, (in the same place) for a very long time. It does take adjustment, and all the little things the writer mentioned are really very special and bring you closer together.

  3. Wow. This is an interesting article. Most long distance relationship never last long because love without sight is difficult to manage.. But with this article. I think i can manage a long distance relationship now. We just have to have trust in each others and write to each other most of the times..

  4. I love this article topic. What i really understand about long distance relationship from my past experience, trust is the most essential key, without trust there will be no stable relationship.
    The two partners have trust in each others in times they cant see or talk to each others without trust long distance relationship will never work.

  5. This is a very useful post. I will apply this on my distance relationship. I and my girlfriend are currently not in same place. I wish she could see this awesome post and apply it on our relationship and see how it works out for us.
    Thank you.

  6. I have long been in a long distance relationship for almost two years and few months now. I would tell people that I treat it much like a genuine separate: depending on companions, concentrating on school/work/leisure activities, and keeping myself occupied calms the depression. Concerning the real relationship, my greatest tip is TRUST and PATIENCE.”

    1. Wow, so compelling and hearth warming. To maintain a long distance relationship you’ve to be strong. But I wont suggest long distance relationship as might lead to lack of trust at any point.

    2. Am also in a long distance relationship for 7years now, yes 7years and i will agree with you on the greatest tip for this been truthful and patient with your spouse and things can only get better, that is not to say there won’t be a BITTER-SWEET experience in between. Awesome article!

  7. Wow. This is such a nice article posted. Long distance relationship is one of the major problem in relationship. It is said that distance is a barrier, well,if this features of this articles are applied correctly, i think long distance in a relationship will never be a barrier anymore …

  8. Yeah. I also won’t advice a long distance relationship, its better for both parties to have their seperate ways and if they meet again, they still like each others. They should continue because long distance relationship is like a burden. A prison yard.

  9. If you love your partner, you won’t do anything that will destroy your relationship. Trust should really be the main ingredient in a marriage, together with love and respect. When you lie and betray your partner, it will be hard to fix your marriage especially if there’s another party involved. However, couples should never forget that marriage is a lifetime commitment.

  10. I am quite pleased with your comment @ Ria Gonzales, if you truly love your partner as you claim, you would desist from anything that can damage your relationship. Personally, I am keeping a long distance relationship which I didn’t for once regret because we get in touch with each other and I really trust my man and he really trusts me too and I think that is what is essential.

    1. Humans love rituals and scheduling things. By wishing your soul mate a good morning and good night every day, you will help him/her to have the sense of being closer to her/his daily life

  11. A significant part of maintaining your relationship thrilling when you’re apart is having the ability to look forward to when you will notice one another once again. Plus, having distance between both of you makes every moment you need to do get to be together even more special.

    1. Exactly, Always having it in mind that you will meet each other soon helps to reinvigorate and strengthen the relationship. Another thing is spending quality time together before another departure because it’s those moments that you will always remember when your partner is away.

  12. It’s hard to keep a long distance relationship going. These suggestions will probably help anyone who wants to keep their partner interested while they are far away. Trust becomes a really big issue as well. It’s hard to maintain when you live so far away. I’ll use this advice in the future!

  13. This is a delicate topic and you talked about it as you usually do, with a good explanation. I personally do not think that you can hold a relationship with a long distance among both, there are so many things that can go wrong! I guess some people can do it, but I do not.

  14. Long distance relationship is a good relationship in the sense that it will build trust in the relationship. But it’s a risk to take.
    In long distance relationship, you will be looking forward to see each other again making both parties hopeful.
    This is a good write-up for people with long distance relationship and it detailed how they can make the relationship work

  15. What? No fellas this is not a good idea, one of that couple will be hurt for sure. I know that is hard to assume that you just cannot hold the relation but it is almost impossible, I am dealing with this kind of situation right now and it is horrible!

  16. Aside from love, loyalty is also important if you really want to have a successful long distance relationship. There are times even when you feel that he’s the right one for you, you’ll say that it’s so hard to maintain a long distance relationship. You can see each other from video chats but you can’t kiss and hug each other. And for some, this is the reason some boys and girls become a cheater.

  17. If you are in a long distance relationship you have to do everything to make your partner feel that you really love him. I guess you have to follow what the writer says in this article. You must give extra attention to your partner because you are not physically present when he needs you. Send him messages if you are not busy, send him letters in the old-fashioned way, send him gifts to make him feel special or vice versa.

  18. I have tried two of such distance relationships. It never worked because I screwed up at the end of the day. Despite that trying this trick might work things out, I don’t really trust myself. I can’t just do without seeing my partner for a week. I just cant stand it.

  19. Do not attempt this unless you are in a healthy and believing relationship. You do not want to be blamed for trying to catch them doing rather they should not be. It goes without saying that the fewer people you tell the better nothing are worse than a spoiled surprise. I only told my boyfriend’s best friend I was coming up so he could make sure he was out at the time I inwards.

  20. Gifts are one of the best means for a sustainable relationship, but I’ve never tried letters because I feel it’s just a waste of time. But after reading this article my mind said, “probably I should try a letter or two this week.” Very substantial piece of writing target for long distant lovers with great advice.

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