Is it possible to find love when you are in need of it? This is a question that most men and women often ask themselves when they have been so much heartbroken. However, love can be found from anywhere that we are and the internet is just one of the other places that people can find friends and love in general. Nevertheless, the internet is one place where finding someone you trust is very difficult as the medium makes it very
possible for people to misrepresent themselves making you to believe that they are someone they are not.

A good example is facebook and twitter where you find people using different names other than their real names. The internet is also full of scammers that take advantage of everything including someone’s desperation for love to dupe them their money or just have fun with them. Being careful is the first thing that any person needs to be when using all this internet sites including online dating sites since you can never tell who is on the other side of the line.

As the internet is not safe, the first thing that is important is trying to find some information about the person that you want to have a relationship with on the internet. You should never reveal too much about yourself as you don’t know anything about the other person other than what the person has told you and you don’t have a way to prove that it’s true. After you have found all you can, arrange for a physical meeting in order to
authenticate the face of the person and know if he/she is truly who they say they are. Always meet at public places for your own security. This is because it would be hard for a person to harm you in the public.

When going for that first date you should always think about all the possible outcomes
including the fact that you may be disappointed but the bright side of it is that you can find a friend or even love. Most con artists will tell you that they love you immediately that they love you and that is just the sigh that you should run. Love will not happen during the first or the second date but as you continue to go out and know each other, you will fall in love with each other.

When love is not possible between two people that met online, you can tell from the first date through the kind of conversation you have. The possibility of another date happening will also be slim as the first one will mostly be boring.  But if you have a possibility of falling in love then it would be slowly and will come naturally.

The most common mistake that people make in online dating is misrepresenting themselves which starts a relationship at the wrong food and is therefore short lived. One lie leads to another and before you know it you are living a lie that end up being exposed at one point or the other.


  1. I am hesitant in starting a relationship over the Internet although this article provided a lot of good advices regarding this kind of relationship. I think the most important part in this kind of relationship is being honest with each other and trusting each other. If they don’t, it will definitely not end well.

  2. As the internet is not safe, the first thing that is important is trying to find some information about the person that you want to have a relationship with on the internet. You should never reveal too much about yourself as you don’t know anything about the other person other than what the person has told you and you don’t have a way to prove that it’s true.

  3. As my experience in finding love over the internet,l see the situation is totally different , when you chatting with the person start felling attracted to , you fell you fly over the moon ,but when you decide meeting him you get shocked because you didn’t see the all picture about how he wearing , or walking or eating and the way he handling the situation every day , and in this case you may accept this person or not.

  4. This is a good article and very informative too. Our generation today are dependent now in the internet. Any life’s aspect we can involve are now associated in the world-wide web. This is because our way of communication have been improving since then. We can socialize wherever we are through social media. We can make friends, we can find partners in business, and also find love too. And it is good to know through this article we can learn how to use and manage our information for our security. It raises our awareness.

  5. They say love is everywhere and that it’s possibilities are endless. The Internet could be a venue for finding love but a lot of precautions should be taken before plunging into any relationships. Too many crimes have been perpetrated through social media.

  6. As for me, I have no problem with that as long as you chose carefully the person you are going to render your trust. Based on my experience I met my Boyfriend on the internet and I’m lucky he’s a good man and a loyal person too. But ofcourse I was so careful in choosing that is why I eneded with him LOL. Anyway, just make sure you chose the right person. If you feel like there is something negative about him or her, tendency that feeling will lead you to safeguard yourself.

  7. Nice Post.Maybe it’s possible to meet your destiny over the internet but you have to be very careful about it. Don’t trust a total stranger who kept asking about your bank account. If he’s really in love with you, he will do everything to win your heart. Not just through email and chat but by his presence.

  8. It is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as falling in love with anyone else that you met anywhere else. Love is time-consuming, exhausting, dangerous, often expensive, and usually counter-productive. Of course it is ridiculous.

  9. I think its pretty cool that you have a comfortable discussion on internet, its make me free even from my name, but if two side used to this talk its must be this talk take a different way and definitely will be true talk as i do it continuously with out boring, and she of course, I think its higher level reason for finding love as you mention in your article.

  10. Finding love in through the internet and having a successful relationship in the end is not what we typically hear everyday. You’re not even sure if the person you’re socializing with is the opposite or same gender as yours if it’s what who they appear to be on their profile picture.

  11. Love is everywhere. You can find it in school, work, travels, coffee shops or in any unexpected places or circumstances like internet. Maybe it’s hard for many to believe that we can find true love on the internet but there lots of people who do. Let’s be happy for them!

  12. This article gave me some ideas about online dating. Really, everything is on the internet now. I still have doubts about joining this online dating thing because people nowadays are unreal. I suggest not to fall right away and try to know him or her better. Just remember most of them are scammers.

  13. Physical appearance plays a role in attraction between people. People create identity and alter physical appearance with apps that is not like them. Finding love in the internet is like finding a needle in the middle of the haystack. But if you have found one, then you are the luckiest.

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