You do not need to be a rocket scientist to spot a mama’s
boy. You realize that there is a fine line between a guy being attentive to the
mom and simply being a mama’s boy. Relationship with such an individual is the
hardest thing to deal with according to most women. The partners to these men
have confessed to feeling like a third party in the relationship. I have
nothing against being close to your mom because am pretty close to mine as well.
But hey… you are no longer in the 3rd grade, you have to man up. These
are the clear signs that you are dating a mama’s boy.

Picking sides

A man ought to be able to stand up to his partner and also
to his mother. Basically a man should be able to stand up to anyone. When your
man has no problem standing up for you with anyone else but his mother then
there is a problem. Anything contradicting mom is a no-go zone to such a man. He
is definitely a mama’s boy if he lets you down when you need him to stand up to
his mom.

Comparing you to her

What kind of a psycho compares you to his mother? I can
hardly compare my pair of trousers. To begin with, it is very disrespectful to
compare two people. It is not only demining but also shows lack of respect for
their diversity. Such a man is looking for a woman fitting his mother’s mold
and we all know you can’t beat her at being her. Walk away.

The relationship is his moms concern

She is always visiting and giving advice on how her son
should be treated. It sounds like a motherly concern until she makes it a
habit. Often, you realize that your man is telling his mom very confidential
information concerning your relationship. Later your man asks you to change in
some way so that you can please his mother. My sister, you are being played,
head for the heels.

Mama is consulted before decision making

“Let me hear what mama has to say.” Unless you are talking
about your father in-law, if such a statement keep appearing in your important
discussions then it might be time to reconsider. Referring to his mother before
any decision making is a clear indication that he is a spoilt and immature.
That is a mama’s boy you do not want to get involved with.

He talks to her everyday

Calling your mom to know how she is fairing on is a good
thing. If you call everyone you know every day then there is nothing wrong with
your mom being on the list. However, when you only call your mom and neglect
your partner then it becomes a problem. If your man calls his mom daily and
looks for an excuse to go at her place then let him go love himself.


Good news! This is a totally reversible behavior. It only
requires you to make the decision. I am going to make an assumption that you
did not have the knowledge of what being a mama’s boy does to your partner. But
now that you know, it will not hurt to show more attention to your partner. Do not
neglect your mom because that will really … really suck. However, it sucks even
more when you neglect your partner. Share the article with your man, watch him
change and thank me later.




  1. My boyfriend is a mama’s boy. What I like about it is he always do the household chores. He likes to cook, clean the house and do whatever he feels he needed to do. I have nothing against men who are close to their mothers. At least somehow, they are soft hearted.

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