As a teenager being in a relationship especially with a lot of activities happening in your life like adolescence, school and to add on it being in love, can be a bit overwhelming. However, this is not something that is new as most people have gone through that successfully or with some hitches here and there. These are some of the problems that you may be experiencing with advice on how to solve them

First love

In most cases, you might be having strong feelings about someone to the extent of wanting to do anything for them. One thing that you should therefore realize is that this is mostly puppy love which is an immature type of love. This love dies as people get to mature and therefore making decisions that may be detrimental for this love should be highly discouraged to avoid any regrets in the future. First love is mostly based on hormonal impulses and therefore should be controlled to avoid regrets.

Interference from friends.

Peer pressure is not something new in the life of a teenager and when having a relationship can be easily affected by it. Some of your friends as a teenager will always cause fight or unending arguments that will affect your relationship very much. Passing this difficult problem in your relationship therefore involves having your own stand without letting your friend to make the decisions for you. Also acting on information
that you can substantiate is another thing that helps you to avoid this problem. Never act on hear say information from friends.

Parents disapproval

Parents are always against teen love and relationship giving supporting reasons for this as they say that both of you are still kids who are incapable of handling a relationship. They also discourage being in a relationship until both of you are done with school. As arguing with your parents will not help, the only thing that you can do is to handle your relationship in secret and if you want to avoid complications then abstain from sex.


The cases of cheating in a young relationship are very common as people get to meet new exiting people that they would also like to be with. If you cannot stay faithful then it is good to end the relationship to avoid hurting someone. Most boys and girls try to date more than one person simultaneously because of their inability to make a definite


Maturity becomes an issue in your relationship because at least one of you or both of you, will grow up and you will change and hence differing. This becomes a real problem when you mature and realize that you do not love the other person but lack the courage to initiate a break up for the fear of hurting the other person. Most of the teen relationship problems are associated with immaturity and the people that surround us. If a teen is thereby determined to move on with a relationship, then he/she must be ready to give it the best.



  1. Great post for teenagers. Some of the most common problems below:
    Unreturned Love
    Interference from Friends
    Lack of Maturity
    Commitment Challenges
    Disapproval from Parents
    Changes in Life

  2. Are you currently finding navigating the entire world of dating and want to be challenging? You are generally not alone. The problems you might be experiencing as a teen now are not likely all that distinctive from what your older family and friends have experienced before. Ask them regarding advice and guidance when you navigate the anxiety and joy with the world of courting.

  3. The major problem with the teenagers when they are passing through this stage of their lives, is the passion. That can lead them to behave in certain ways that most of the people could consider even dangerous, so that is why the parents should be especially aware of everything about them.

  4. Maturity is important in a relationship and that’s the problem of teenagers. They are not yet ready in handling relationships but they choose to be in a relationship which most of the time ends in a break up. Teenagers should realize that relationships are for mature people. So, when their love for each other ends, they will realize that maybe there is someone better for them in the future.

  5. Teenage love is hard to control because of peer pressure I. e all people have gf/bf why can’t I have, not matured enough to be in a relationship is a problem too. So it will be good for teenagers to read this post so that they can know the difference between what they want and what they need.

  6. Ah I remember the passion of when I was a teenager, the hormones are not a joke, haha. That is why is a dangerous stage this one, now I have my own teenagers, I will show them this articles because I think it is actually really well done, nice job there in the redaction!

  7. Most teenagers can’t handle their problems because of insecurities. At this stage of their lives, they need the love and support of their parents. Unfortunately, some parents fail to fulfill their responsibilities because they think that it would be better to scold their child if they made a wrong decision.

  8. Teenagers should face their studies and not talk of relationships they cant handle. Though it depends on upbringing. My dad scolded me of such relationship all through my teens. I had my first boyfriend when I was 22. Then I was matured to deal with hitches that accompany relationship.

  9. Any American high school is swarming with hormones, unrequited love, weight and relationships. The adolescent years can be confusing to many, parents included. Some teens fall in love young and curtain themselves off from other social experiences, whereas some are still immature, young and still exploring their own development. When teens are participants in a relationship, a variety of problems can arise that make teens feel pressured, stressed out and even neglectful of other responsibilities.

  10. Tons of arguments currently going around the world about teenage love. In my opinion, it’s acceptable, but it’s their responsibility to accept any aftermath of their relationship. Very professionally written, every teenager should read article which describes unexposed sides like teenage pregnancy, maturity, parent disapproval and cheating which are the commonly heard terms in teenage love.

  11. The problem with teenagers is that there is a lot going on their lives. They need to first figure out what they want before starting a relationship.

  12. Teenagers are probably the most confused people in the world. They have a lot on their plate. They juggle hormonal changes with their school schedule among other things. It’s not really the best time to enter into romantic relationships. Although I know of couples who started off as teenage sweethearts, they are just exemption from the norm.

  13. Great insight for teenagers. It will show you how to make the right decision(s) on how to handle teenage love. Some people that started dating when they are in their teens and ended up being together means they have established rules, boundaries, maybe even consulted for advice from parents, friends etc. to keep their relationship going. But for the others that don’t have plans when yet and are just going with the flow. I advice you to abstain, because without proper guidance or if you are facing problems like the ones mentioned by the writer. It will just lead to bad decisions.

  14. You are generally not alone. The problems you might be experiencing as a teen now are not likely all that distinctive from what your older family and friends have experienced before. Ask them regarding advice and guidance when you navigate the anxiety and joy with the world of courting.

  15. Teenage Love is a complicated but beautiful thing.I’m not saying that any other kind of romantic love isn’t, but I believe those characteristics are especially true for love during the teenage years. It could be mostly due to the fact that you are are still discovering who you are when you enter your teenage years. You have yet to get a better understanding of your emotions, and teenage love is probably making things a little more complicated for you.But that’s the beauty of being a teenager – having a flexible and more open mind. Your ways are not completely set and you are still open to learning new things.So sure, teenage love is not easy, but there are things you can learn to make it more bearable.

  16. Teenage love stories could be one of the most interesting stories we could ever had. I mean, all of us experienced it. All those simple things and efforts you did for your crush when you were on high school. These are the things we surely not forget and treasure forever!

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