Have you established freelance writing as your business? Have you considered getting some sought of   insurance? There are countless reasons you need to be insured as a freelance writer. There are some insurance policies you could consider some of them includes

Indemnity insurance

Indemnity insurance is also known as the professional liability insurance. This is the insurance policy that protects you from any form of law suit from clients and former clients that claims that your writings contains errors due to omission. It is very important that businesses that gives advice, offers professional service to other businesses be indemnity insured so as to protect you in the event that you render a faulty service due to a mistake or error from our side as the freelancer that causes some loss financial or otherwise to your client.

When this law suit is being brought against you in the court. It could cost you money. This can actually get worse as the case moves from the civil court to the criminal court. But having this insurance, you are being covered and the liability is being limited. This insurance is often carried by consultant and contractors.

Liability Insurance

The liability insurance is the type of insurance that covers you if someone were to be injured within your premises, it includes dog bites and accidents. But this insurance can be used when as a freelancer, you have clients coming to your premises to visit, because if clients don’t come to visit your house, then this insurance option may not be an option. But however, bundling insurances together will most likely yield some sought of discount and you will be able to invite people to your house, therefor, this insurance is worthy of consideration.

Home Insurance

You could decide to consult your home insurance agent if you have a home office or writes from a home office so to say, so as to ensure that your current home insurance covers the home office and all your items within the home office. You have to be sure that the items within the home office are covered and you wouldn’t have to replace them yourself in the case of a robbery incidence of a fire outbreak. You should try to find out to ensure that you don’t get to be disappointed if it doesn’t cover, and if it is not in place, you can start making alternative plans to keep your home office insured. The alternative insurance that could be used includes content insurance which insures everything present in your home office.

Automobile and Auto Insurance for freelancers

As a freelancer, if you visit your clients with your vehicle, attend meetings with the vehicle or do some marketing with the car, then you should consult your car insurance agent to check if it is covered, and if it is not, put one in place.

Business Interruption Insurance for freelancers.

The business interruption insurance guarantees that keeps having a steady flow of income when there is an interruption in the freelance business as a result of natural disaster. Though the arrangement differs, they serve as relief for times of grief.

Disability insurance for freelancers in the US.

This is the type of insurance put in place to guarantee that you have a consistent flow of income when you get injured and can no longer write. There are some low cost disability insurance schemes being put in place by the freelance union.

Health insurance for US freelancers

As a US freelancer, you can get health insurance. The freelancer union offers health insurance policies that every state in the US. Though the plans differs from locale, it is worth giving a checking up. Here are some of the available health insurance platforms.

Dental Health: The freelance have some dental coverage options on the freelance union website that are affordable. While you are looking for your freelance health insurance, this can be useful in getting a dental insurance. Other platforms include Individual Health, Travel Medical and so on.

Spouse Policy: The spouse or partner healthcare policy makes it possible for freelancers to include their spouses to the healthcare insurance scheme. In some of these spouse policy, a spouse can be added for free, in others, the spouse have to pay a share of the premium.

There are temporary or short term health insurance schemes being used by many freelancers. It can be considered by freelancers that are just about venturing into a freelance career.  Because the term nature of these plans they can be used by freelancers who are just transitioning. Experts usually cautions against making use of the short-term insurance because they do not meet the ACA standards and as a result, they really can’t be seen as insurance. Another thing about these so called short-term insurance is that they discriminates and fails to take care of previous medical conditions they do not cover prescription and preventive drugs and you  most likely have to pay tax again.

Life Insurance for US freelancer

The life insurance scheme provided by the freelance union ensures that the death of an insured freelancer is not a burden on the family members. Also, with life insurance, a stream flow of income is being provided for the family to replace the one the deceased freelancer provides. The rates of the life insurance is affordable.

Media Insurance

The term media insurance otherwise known as media perils describes the form of protection against denigration defamation suit. In this era where reviewing and rating online is being carried out, some sought of defamation occurs. To combat these, fees are associated with fighting these charge are covered by the media insurance.

Before signing a freelancer insurance policy, you need to do the following things so as to ensure that you get the best of the insurance policy scheme

  • Ensure to carefully read and understand  the policy documents, and also, ensure you understand any exclusion that may exist
  • Discover the level of professional indemnity insurance the clients might be expecting
  • Ensure that you take out employer’s liability insurance if you employ people, because it is legal for you to do so.


Prices for Each of these insurance policies for freelancers in US

  1. Guardian Advantage Gold with monthly premium of $64.80

Here are the benefits associated to the Guardian Advantage Gold

  • The services includes oral examination, x-ray and cleaning at 100%
  • You will have access the country’s largest network of dentists
  • You are entitled to a maximum of $1500 benefits after every 3 years.
  • You have access to a cosmetic orthodontic benefit.
  1. Guardian Advantage Silver with premium of $44.58

Here are the benefits associated to the Guardian Advantage Gold

  • The services includes oral examination, x-ray and cleaning at 80%
  • You will have access the country’s largest network of dentists
  • You are entitled to a maximum of $1000 benefits after every 3 years.


  1. Wow. This is a great post. I never did know that freelancers also ought to have an insurance. But this is a very educative article. Thanks. Author.
    I will need an insuranceas well.

    1. I agree with you. This post contains very helpful information. For example, I have never known that there was a “freelancer insurance policy”. I wish there are more posts sharing helpful financial and career safety information woth freelancers.

  2. Yes, this is one educative post. I am happy i came accross it.as a freelancer, we are supposed to have insurance agents. And amongst all, the one i like the most is the indemnity insurance . Its. Good one.

    1. I am a freelancer and I am glad I came over this article Didn’t really think it was important for freelancers to be insured. Now I changed my mind.

  3. It would be beneficial for many freelance writer to read-up on articles such as this one before taking going fully into the business.
    As a freelance writer, I personally did not know there’s that anything pertaining to this.
    So we too can do risk insurance, wow that’s cool, no more clients trouble.
    For my fellow writer read this, it is a very educative post.

    1. I am totally there with you. This article answered some questions I had for a long time and the responses I found were very reassuring.

  4. What a useful information we have here! I am a freelancer and one of the things I have always worried about is what happens if I get sick? That is a major problem if you do not have a regular job. Thanks for answering a lot of question that I did to myself a lot of times!

    1. Alongside with sickness, it seems like we can actually get covered for anything beyond our own control that may affect our work. Valuable information to know.

  5. This is a fantastic one. I have never thought of going for any insurance all through my life as a freelancer but, I am giving it a real thought now. I need to go for insurance as soon as possible especially the indemnity insurance. You never can tell what happens tomorrow. I just can’t consider myself going through criminal case.

    1. We never know what may happen so it is always better to get prepared than to regret later. The indemnity insurance does sound very tempting.

  6. It’s so nice to know that even freelance writers can have these kinds of benefits. Well, they deserve to have these types of insurance. Being a writer is not an easy job. They need to think so hard in order to have a good story. And when you have finally submitted your finished story to the publisher, you are still not sure if it is approved or not.

    1. Seem like creative workers all should read this article. Just like you have mentioned, our work comes with more risk and thus makes insurance more important.

  7. This is the 5th successive year I’ve been working as a Fiverr freelance writer and I practically had several cases with some tough clients and never thought I would have such good insurance plans like Indemnity insurance for freelancers. Really descriptive and professionally written article which best fits for any freelancer heading for an insurance plan.

  8. I recently resigned from a regular office work and was trying to explore online/ freelance opportunities. I was blown away by the many means and ways on how to make money online and accidentally came across this – insurance for online freelancers! It’s nice to know that there are people who actually thinks about the welfare of online workers. This is great stuff! I’ll surely go back to this article to get more insights and details.

  9. It is quite interesting that a such a move is been proposed in more advanced climes like the US. Freelancer in other parts of the world however, do not find it funny in doing their job.

    Job designation is a serious problem for someone in Africa, before insurance can be taken seriously over here, government institutions have to start recognizing freelancers and differentiating them from scammers.

    Great post by the way. Nice to know we have rights too.

  10. Amazing information for a freelancer. As a freelancer, liability insurance can mean protection against paying tens of thousands of dollars in damages to a client whether or not it was your error. Plus, many contracts require that freelancers have liability insurance, so it’s at all times a smart thing to have.

  11. Since I am a freelance worker, this is a very helpful article. Before, I was not aware that such insurance plans were available for us.

  12. Great article. It really helps me to choose what insurance should I get as a freelancer and that is the indemnity insurance. Now I can have a protection from my clients from suing me. This is the kind of article that I am looking for. Good work on providing this information for us freelancers.

  13. Being a new freelancer can be scary and difficult. Unlike other jobs, this does not really leave you reassured about one’s benefits and security. This article helped a lot. It made great points on the matters that freelancers care about. Good job!

  14. Thanks for the post… really this is a good post.As a freelancer, liability insurance can mean protection against paying tens of thousands of dollars in damages to a client whether or not it was your error. Plus, many contracts require that freelancers have liability insurance, so it’s at all times a smart thing to have.

  15. Very interesting post. We should always consider the risk in everything that we do. It is not enough that we are enjoying life, we should always be prepared for whatever will happen tomorrow. Most importantly because we have our loved ones who will always worried about us. Being a freelancer working at home doesn’t mean that there is no risk on it. Risk is everywhere so we should always be prepared. Kudos for the great article!!!

  16. this is a great article,specially for free lancers
    i never thought that a free lancer might have some kinda insurance.but this article made me so well informed about the insurance i need to have.
    being a free lancer,it is really soo great to come across this article.

  17. I think that the freelancer work is overly underrated. Also, I think that this article is very useful to those “newbie” freelancers or persons who want to work in the independents jobs. This article it’s very important for those who doesn’t know how to manage their own business at home.

  18. It can be tempting to buy the shortest-term policy available to minimize the cost. Your health and finances could change drastically over the course of 10 years, so it’s best to spend a little more to secure your coverage for a longer period of time. Let’s face it, you likely won’t have to deal with buying coverage again.

  19. It will be great to have an insurance for you to be more secure in your future also. Its a one time investment for a person also.

  20. Wow, its great as It protects you in case someone is injured on your property and it’s judged to be your fault. And it’s not just your freelance business that’s at risk. Legal expenses – not to mention any award in a case – could drain your personal finances and put your family’s future at risk. so that is big risk to avoid this insurance.

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