What is puppy love? As you may have heard, puppy love refers to a shallow attraction between two people are close to each other. This kind of love is most common among young people who have no real exposure in life. It is therefore mistaken with the real kind of love since it is mostly the first kind of attraction that most people feel towards their friends and acquaintances but they get to outgrow the feeling as they get more exposed to life. Puppy love is therefore very important even though many people would not realize this at first.

The main important benefit of puppy love is that it gives you the opportunity to identify the real love when it comes into our lives. “How would you know the best phone if you have never used a phone?”. Love is no different to this scenario and therefore puppy love helps us to realize when real love happens. There is also the confusion that comes in when trying to judge the kind of love you are feeling towards someone.

Differentiating puppy love from the real love

The difference between puppy love and real love is quite simple as real love is characterized by an immense desire to share your life with the other person. It is therefore based on the outwards attraction and also the attraction towards a person’s inner being. Puppy love, on the other hand, is based on other things that are very shallow like the physical appearance, money or even fame. With the absence of these things, then the love wouldn’t exist.

Puppy love will, therefore, die out as time passes. While real love is involved, you get to tell someone that you love them without any reason at all. You would, therefore, give up anything just to be close to a person you love. As research shows, most people who get married as a result of this immature love, end up having very unsuccessful marriages.

Another way of trying to differentiate this is by putting yourself out there and seeing if you are attracted to somebody else other than the one you are currently with. This, however, does not mean betraying the trust of the person you are with just because you are confused.

Betrayal can make you lose your one and true love and might realize it when it’s too late. You can, therefore, make excuses to take a relationship break
without breaking up with someone giving you time to seriously think things over
and if you go back to your mate, then that might be true love after all.

True love always brings people together but before you find it, you must keep yourself busy with puppy love. Whenever it therefore comes, it will sweep over your feet and it will be something that you will never want to let go. But also do not expect too much to happen to indicate that it is indeed true love as people at times expect so much that they end up thinking that its puppy love when indeed it is not.


  1. I’ve had so many cases of “true love” that puppy love is not even interesting. When you’ve had the real thing, you know the difference and you can tell pretty early on whether it’s a passing attraction or whether you can really fall for the person. Maybe I am just in love with love, though?!

  2. Puppy love can turn into true love at the right time. When you are able to accept your partner totally, not just the physical appearance but their weaknesses as well, that is true love. Teenagers should not get into a serious relationship because it may fade away. Teenagers must focus on their studies first cause at the right time they will come to understand what true love is.

    1. I am fully on your side Ria Gonzales. I don’t think we as a parent should encourage puppy love . It ends up as soon as they start realizing themselves. Sometimes they end up doing some crazy things calling it love. The writer is not too wrong though.

  3. Puppy love happens when young people are newly dating. They know very little about each other and it is mostly innocent. Couples often engage in a sexual relationship too soon, because of the intense feelings – without being mature enough to make long term commitments, being in the relationship long enough (more than a year) and first getting to know the person well enough.

  4. I think puppy love is very much like a crush, but the other person knows and has a crush on you too. Nice article for those who need to define their relationships and want to know where they stand with the other person. It’s always good to communicate with your partner. Who knows if it will turn into more!

  5. This is the first time I hear the term “Puppy love”, interesting that the kind of love in which two persons are really close to each other receives that name… While I was reading the article I was evaluating if that is the kind of relation that I have with my girlfriend.

  6. So true. Puppy love is mostly everywhere. Its hard to find a true love for me.so many people now are after fames and money and al that what we call puppy love. Its best to find your soulate who will want to spend hid life time with you.

  7. Puppy love I think is crush, and crush mostly develop into real love if both parties like themselves. Puppy love dies, real love can’t and won’t die. Teens should read this article so as to know what to expect in puppy love and what to expect in real love, so that they won’t have heart breaks.
    Nice write up by the way…

  8. Puppy love is just an infatuation. It is based on physical attraction. But I also believe that when the right time comes it can also turn into love. If you can’t differentiate love from puppy love you have to read this article. It will help you identify them. The writer tells you the big difference.

  9. Puppy love is just a crush because he’s cute. Meaning, it’s just more on the physical attraction and it’s so natural for teenagers to have a crush on the opposite sex. In the right time, these feelings can be changed. If someone better comes along, then you will realize that true love is not just a physical reaction but the acceptance of the man/woman you truly love.

  10. As I read this article, I remember how attracted I was to a boy back then at the age of 12. Though I don’t know where he might be now because I changed location and school but I remember he brings me all sought of chocolate from home then. I think that’s exactly why I was attracted to him.

  11. There are many different kinds of love, but there is only one true love and this is what all people are seeking. Now, how can you really tell what kind of love you feel? Real love has no depth. It doesn’t just come and go. It starts with one look or one touch and it leads to eternity. You shouldn’t dismiss any opportunities for love. For instance, you should keep an eye out for the signs some shy guy likes you.

  12. Puppy love is obviously a common characteristic among young immature people who have no real exposure in life. But it’s a good strategy to find your real love because with puppy love you get a good chance to involve with people and get to know the mate who really charms your mind.

  13. Generally when I was a kid all I know is like you’re in a situation that you might experience some emotional feelings with your friends or even classmates. This what I called a puppy love. ” Puppy Love is infatuations”. Sometimes its gone for a week or a months. Love lots.

  14. This article brought lots of happy memories from my childhood and teenage days. Puppy love might not last but the memories cause such nostalgia you just want to revisit them again and again. In my age, I’d love to say I want to feel this giddy type of love.

  15. Anyone can love regardless the age, because we are born to love. But if I were to differentiate puppy love with mature or “real love”, puppy love is more on the attraction for the outward of maybe inward character of the person while for mature or “real love” it concentrates on the commitment the person gives to his or her loved one.

  16. “puppy love” is a term used to describe what many kids/teenagers/whatever call love, implying that they are incapable of the same type of true love that adults are capable of. However, “puppy love” is most likely equally common among adults. Also called as Blind affection in which that young couples feel in the beginning of their relationships

  17. Puppy love is the start of something new. We learn a lot of things about relationships by our puppy loves. We will learn how to control our emotions, our feelings and how to react on something happened unexpectedly. Puppy love is the first stage of true love. It will develop eventually.

  18. While reading this article, I remember my teenage days. The time I can’t explain the feeling, although I know it’s a great feeling and later on because of reading pocketbooks then I realized it was called love. But from the point of view of the elders its puppy love.

  19. Puppy love is an intense feeling by an adolescent or a teenager towards someone else. It is accompanied with shallow feelings and dominated with physical attraction. It is a temporary feeling and will disappear as time pass by. Thus, it needs guidance from an adult to control feelings and emotions.

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