You may have been a victim of a personal injury and wanted to consult a lawyer with regard to this matter but doesn’t know where to start. There are so many things to do before you can file a lawsuit and one of them is finding the right lawyer for you. is a website of lawyer directories. If you don’t know any lawyers, then this website will be your ally. All you have to do is choose personal injury under Lawyers, Legal Aid & Pro Bono Services. Then, you will be redirected to a list of states. After clicking on which state you’re in, you will then be redirected to choose you city. After clicking the city, you will be shown a list of personal injury lawyers together with their pictures, contact number and years of experience in the field. Below each profile are the other ways you could check on them. You will see the website they’re in, or contact them directly through email. You can also view their complete profile by clicking on the profile button.
This is another website which could help you find the right lawyer for your case. But unlike Justia, will not show you the lawyers available but the law firms that are listed on them. To see the law firms near you, all you have to do is click the three horizontal lines icon placed in the upper left of the page, beside the title. There, you will be prompted with a menu. Click on lawyers and you will be asked to choose from United States, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Middle East to Asia and the Pacific. You just have to choose the. region your from and eventually narrow down the search to the country to the city you’re from. After choosing your region, country and city, site will provide you the list of law firms available there. The law firms’ profile will include the company name, website, contact number and a short description of the firm. It also includes the law firms’ overview if you want to check them more.
In this website, you will have to choose first the type of personal injury that was committed against you. In the home page, you will only have to click on the “Find an injury lawyer” tab. A list will then drop letting you choose between the most common injury claims and other injury claims. Just click on the type of personal injury you would like to file. After that, you will be redirected to a page with a search tab. All you have to do is type in your city and click enter. There, you will be given the list of lawyers near you. But they will not provide you with their contact numbers. You will have to contact them through the website.
There are also other websites that will help you find the right personal injury lawyer. This stage is very crucial for the affected party as it has a big effect on your chances to win the case.


  1. The net has really revolutionized the mass sector and taken it via hurricane. So why could legal professionals stay behind in it? There is a good sized range of services being furnished on line from advertisement to writing. further offerings are also available on line. searching on-line for attorneys has proved to be very beneficial. this might be a very big help specially those people who suffer cyber bullying.

  2. Its fantastic, the problem of getting qualify lawyer and exactly what I want get solved even his look was inter in equation of choice, technology is provide us with great things and make our life easy , this sites like organization
    everything get arrange and list in one place , so in few minutes I can get my perfectly target .

  3. Law firms have a special budget for promoting their website online usually they hire marketing officers to this matters. In the middle east usually, they were called Advocates. If you will check their profiles, each lawyer has their own introduction of what kind of field they are handling, it may be litigation or corporate matters. In this case, you have already an idea where to consult.

  4. The Internet has change the world. Not only in communication but almost of the important things in the world. There are a huge of number of service being provide online from advertisement to writing. So why would lawyers stay behind in it. Some legal services are also available online. A specific and to the point list of attorneys available can be obtained through directory wothin your area.Searching on the internet is an art in itself. Using the exact and proper keywords help in finding what one is looking for. Using quotes will get the relevant attorney pretty quickly. For example if you are looking for the best personal injury lawyers then put he entire phrase in quotes. Similarly it depends on what type of lawyer one is looking for. One has to mention the type of lawyer an individual wants so that a list of related lawyers comes up instead of random ones.Once you have found a set of best personal injury lawyers in your area, one can start short listing them by visiting their offices and seeing their professional efficiency in legal matters. Also one should get a background check on them and their past cases so that it is easy to judge their level of competency.For further narrowing of the search the particular branch of law should be mentioned for ease. Split search results can also be used to get the best results. Even though internet is fast but still finding the best personal injury lawyer needs to spent time on. One has to be patient and intelligent about such a decision. Lastly before hiring even the best personal injury lawyer one should satisfy their concerns as you’ll be handing them an important case.

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