Working with peers and being instructed by a teacher physically present in front of us inside a four-cornered room is a mainstream by which most of the students do in colleges and universities. But when we graduate and our schedules become so unpredictable, there are times that you could wish you could bring your school at home and you decide the time for studying. Should I study at dawn? At midnight? Or when I have vacant time at lunch? It might sound so absurd before but not anymore.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is a government agency responsible for vocational courses and National Competency certifications which are requirements for some jobs. If you are a Filipino wishing to explore more on the courses but do not have enough time to go to school on regular hours, then, this one’s for you.

How does TESDA online works?
To get started, just like any other social media platforms, TESDA online courses requires you to create a user profile. To register, just follow this link: and fill-in the form with the details you are required with. Registration is free and fast so there’s nothing to worry about college fees.

Getting Started
After you create a user profile, you will have to re-enter your username and password to access your own dashboard. On your first entry, you will be prompted with a message which will give you a tour around your dashboard so you can know your way out. But if you want to skip this tour, you can just click on end tour and do it your way.
On your Home page, there you will see the list of courses available online. Courses in-lined with agriculture, automotive, electrical and electronics, entrepreneurship and etc. Note that the courses in TESDA online are limited to the list they provided. In my case, I tried to enroll in Animation (3D Digital) which is under Information and Communications Technology.

How to enroll?
After you registered and entered your profile, you might be redirected to your personal information after clicking the dashboard under My Courses tab. This just means that there are required information you still have to complete before you can proceed to enrolling.

After filling in and updating your profile, the web page will refresh and show you the course overview. You will then see the message, “No course information to show.” Since we are just starting.
The next step is to then get yourself enrolled. You will see a search box on the top right of your page. You just have to input there the course you wish to enroll. In my case, I just typed in animation and clicked enter. Then I was shown with the list of courses available in connection with my search. In the result of my search you will see a blue button with an arrow pointing inside a box icon on the upper left. Click that icon so you can see more details about the course (The white button with the same icon on the upper right will not do anything). Then you will be redirected to the page where you can see the “Enrol me” button. Click that, and voila! You are now enrolled in TESDA online course. Give yourself another tour being guided by the message you will be prompted with or do it yourself.


  1. TESDA is good gift to us Filipinos, student who don’t go to college or undergraduate are enrolling in TESDA, this will give them the opportunity to have a certificate on a certain course they take. Given this opportunities, lots of Filipino’s have their good jobs and some are very successful to their carer.

  2. Its awesome that you can inter your course any time of the day, and definitely there will be a streaming video like a teacher in schools, and one more option that will not find in schools is repeat the teacher voice several times. its fun, but also schools have great importance that its not only teach you but also its treatment and society.

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