I have been stating how your physical appearance counts
when it comes to your love life. Boys would love to see a fine ass on that
curveous body while ladies cannot resist a well build man. Across the globe, an
individual with less belly fat is considered healthy and active. Reducing your
belly fat is the first step towards achieving an excellent body type and
therefore easily getting laid if you know what I mean. Hey! Surprisingly, this
process does not have to hurt or be as strenuous as the word ‘work out’
suggests. Here are some of the tricks to apply in your life I order to make a
1.     Pump
the iron
I know this is the most
difficult part of maintaining fitness. I wish I could go in circles just to
make you feel better but that will be such an injustice. This is the ultimate
method to really burn fats. This is attributed to the fact that it increases
the resting metabolic rate hence burning the calories. I will tell you from
experience, it gets easier with time. Before you know it, you will be
inseparable with the iron.
2.     Drink
lots of water
I hate to be this guy
but if you have not been taking lots of water then you are an idiot. Drink at least
8 glasses of water is a phrase repeated since kindergarten. Probably the most
used statement after ‘use contraceptives’ in grade school. Taking water in a
certain period of time shoots your metabolic rate by 30% above the normal
according to research carried out.
3.     Aerobic
High intensity interval
training is one of the best ways to get the abs you have been hoping for. It is
impossible to have a spot reduction where you only lose fat in a specific part
of the body. That said, it is advised to keep the whole body active. Try walking,
jogging, swimming as a hobby or regular activity and you will be proud of your
accomplishment. Trust me it takes more than just crunches to get that flat
4.     Keep
track of your diet
What you eat is very
very important. It is the source of the body fat to begin with. Reduce on your
carb intake. Hey I did not ask anyone to starve or something. Avoid sugar
sweetened beverages. Cut off white sugar, white flour and white salt in your
diet. Take in a lot of fiber, vegetables, nuts, berries and lean fish. Try keeping
away from saturated fats. 
5.     Yoga
Research shows that stress is also one to the major
contributor of increased body fat. Stress stimulates production of a hormone,
cortisol that increases appetite while reducing metabolism. Yoga over the years
has been very instrumental in reducing stress. Furthermore, stretching your
muscle is a very healthy lifestyle.
It is always good to take care of your body
regardless of the intentions. You really don’t need to be a physical therapist
nor a model so as to watch your diet. I will hate for you to get lifestyle diseases
due to negligence. Stay cute and healthy. Of course free to thank me late.


  1. Good Post.This is so real and it doesn’t sugar-coat it. Yes, it’s difficult to begin with, but what he says about lifting (weights) is true. It gets not only easier, but it gets to the point you really enjoy it and it happens before you realize what’s up. Try everything the article suggests, just make a small commitment you can’t say no to, make it too easy. Drink eight glasses or bottles of water for just one day and lift just five reps. You can do it and watch T.V..

  2. In our life we meet those people how can make it!yes , they can loose weight and loose belly fat absolutely, I have this case my best friend make it wit nutural way by drinking a lot of water , walking too much , and avoid eating fats and sugar as she can , and eat yogurt with lemon.

  3. I think the most difficult task is to control your diet when you are a food lover. You can drink a lot of water you can do exercise and yoga but controlling your diet is very difficult. It is important to reduce the belly fats.

  4. Loosing a belly fat is not that easy. You need to have a proper discipline to manage your time with exercising having a proper diet and avoiding a vicious lifestyle and also, avoid diet supplements because these are quite harmful to the body. You might not know where the ingredients came from.

  5. Losing fat is really hard! But the secret of those people who already lost theirs is determination. We can lose ours too! Don’t lose hope, guys! If they can do it, we can definitely pull it off! Let’s go to gym at least 4 times a week. It will help plus proper diet.

  6. To reduce belly fats of course you need to change your diet, Add protein in your diet, take fruits and vegetables as often you also need to reduce the level of calories and cut carbohydrates and dairy products in your diet. You also need to take more water, 8 glasses of water and above because it will help to lose weight and avoid any carbonated drinks especially soft drinks and beer. After changing your diet, change your lifestyle. Provide strenuous activities especially in the abdomen area. Thrice a week will do but if you prefer a hardcore work-out try 5 times a day and don’t forget to cool down and take some rest.

  7. In our everyday life, we always encounter this burden. Losing belly fat is a big deal for everyone. I suggest that we should change our eating habits so to remove the unwanted fats. Just be health conscious and life will be easier. Remember that what we eat is what we are.

  8. To lose belly fat, one should avoid food that is high in carbohydrates. We should take note that there are good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. Bad carbohydrates can contribute to belly fat. Examples are rice, white bread, soft drinks, sugary cereals and cookies. Eat food that is high in fiber.

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