On the early years of life, I already decided on which courses I would choose from when I enter college. I was so excited thinking about the things I could do when I get to the field of those things I had in mind. Back then, I always thought about being a nurse and being a journalist. I wanted to be a nurse because of the environmental factors. My aunts are nurses and I see how much they improved their lives and I just wanted to be like them. But one thing I could not take in by taking the course is that I am so scared of blood that the mere sight of a tiny drop spins my head until I go white as a sheet.On the later years, after I joined journalism contests, I was so fascinated by how I could affect people with writing. How I could make them feel with words planted a desire for me to become a journalist. And then one incident happened to a journalist which made me scared to become a journalist. One broadcaster was taken hostage for bringing in news to the public. The thought about being a hostage made me more of a coward than I already am. When I got more matured, I realized that there are more courses I could choose from which made me think a million times over as to which among these courses should I take? Should I become a Sea Farer? How about an Engineer? A Psychologist perhaps?So many questions flooded my mind and I decided on which course to take with these things in mind:


Yes, the world outside your classroom will not be as easy as it seems. You may have the best credentials your school could have, but in the real world, finding a job for a not so in demand jobs will not be that easy anymore. Your competitors will be the experienced, someone with better credentials than you have, a person with Masters units and so much more. You will actually be very lucky when the company would prefer fresh graduates but these companies that prefer such are most companies that doesn’t really give so much value to your course and believe that people with your course can just come and go.

Your hobbies, skills and interests

I was a scholar in college. And because of the scholarship, I am only limited to a number of course that the department would accept. For this scholarship, I ended up getting a course that is far from my taste nor interest. I finished the course and was even a dean’s lister for some semesters but never fell in love with it the way I love journalism. The course I had was an in demand job but because I was never interested with it, I never get to nurture my skills garnered during the university life and ended up regretting it. But of course, I don’t just give up easily with my dreams and used my diploma to get a job so I can study whatever course I would want next.

Availability of resources

Money would always be a crucial thing in college. You have to make sure that you can sustain whatever course you wish to take. You may think of ambitious courses like being an astronaut but only having enough money to study locally. We should be able to understand that not all of our wishes could come true instantly. If you do not have the resources yet for your dream course, then you can take whichever course that will still be within your interest and use it to work your way to your dreams.The things I enlisted here will not be all but you might be able to get some tips on deciding which course you should take from the list of courses you are introduced with.


  1. of course, any course returns with its benefits even you don’t use it in your work , the knowledge is the most fascinating things in our life, its build your brain and make change of all behavior of yours , but the question here, just for fun are doctors thinking like lowers or engineers or it doesn’t matter , ok one true we now that learning is basic for every thing but big problem here is time bro .

  2. I can say that choosing a course in college is very difficult to decide especially if your parents interfere with it, and at the same time you have no choice but to follow their decisions, anyway, they are the one paying the tuition fees. So you have any right to argue with them. But in reality, we should consider some factors to consider like financial, its and intellectual capacity. Like for example, if I want to be a doctor and my parents or myself can’t afford it, how can I go to medical schools if it is a cost too much. Or what if I had the proper resources but my brain does not fit for the course will also create a dilemma.

  3. This is actually a helpful advise. But the thing is, there are choices that are difficult to make right after we graduate High School and that is choosing the course that you want to take. I chose the option by following what I really wanted to be, and that is I became a nurse.

  4. Your course is one of the most important parts of your university experience; arguably it should be one of your main motivations for applying to, and accepting the offer of, that university.It should teach you new skills and hone those you already have. It should teach you to think, whether that’s about a practical skill or a philosophical concept. It should motivate you and inspire you – to work and want to work.

  5. Well, yeah, agreed. But sometimes, you should really face your fears for the ones you love, if you’re going have a degree on something you don’t even like, then what’s the sole purpose of living itself? Didn’t we all want to be rich to become happy? Face your fears, it’ll be worth it.

  6. Choosing a course to take before entering college might be one of the most hardest decision to make for a typical teenager. But a friend once told me that if you’re already good at one subject, try to pursue subjects that you’re not that good but it interests you to work hard for it.

  7. In choosing your preferred course in college you must first identify your strength and weaknesses. You need to identify your passion and don’t wait for any approval from others. The factor why some students experience struggle in their chosen courses is due to “Social Approval”, wherein they joined they best friend or any close friend to a course that doesn’t fit on their ability. Go on something that will help you to grow even if you have to take it alone.

  8. I believe that we should always take the course wherein we can pursue our passion. However, money and the corresponding demand for the career should always be taken into consideration since it would be the only way for us to be assured of a stable job. Unfortunately, in the long run, when we are placed in a spot where we have no inclination to, the hours at work would seem tiring and unproductive. In the end, whatever course we choose, whatever job we take, it all depends in the ability to weigh things and decide on them properly.

  9. If by chance you are one of those individual who has no idea what course to take after High School, so you just jumped into the bandwagon along with some other people who are also confused with their lives. Later they will realize that the bandwagon is already full and its going to topple down leaving them more confused than before.

    Before you jump into unfamiliar territory, it would require further research or asking someone who is adept with that topic so it will bring you clarity on choosing the right career path.

  10. The course you should take must be based on your passion. Ask yourself first what do you really like to do. The course will last for 4 years or more so you have to love what you have taken. Then study also the trends nowadays. If your passion is out of date, its time to shift to another. You must be wise in choosing because it is the path that you will be in your future life.

  11. I would suggest taking a course/program that fits your passion and hobbies. That way, you would enjoy learning and expand your level of knowledge in that specific field. Taking a course in which you are highly interested in will also benefit you in the hard times that is sure to come once you enter college. The financial and emotional investment that you put in will be you anchor in your trying times.

  12. What do you want to become is an easy way to think about when you were young. But when you get older, you only care to find the thing you love the most. The course of action when you dedicate yourself into something you really have an interest with is like finding the place where you truly belong. Dreaming of what you might become is always a matter of choice.

  13. Aptitude Test can help decide what course to take in college. The Guidance Office offers the test to graduating students. It will assess your dominant areas of interest. However, if you want to take a course that is in demand after you graduate, one can also approach the employment agencies.

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