You may have wondered about why are TESDA online courses free when we pay whenever we apply in schools that are accredited by TESDA? Then, when you get to enroll in the program, that’s when you will understand why.

The most common notion with online courses is that you will have a virtual teacher just like those we see in advertisements in Facebook where they encourage online teachers to apply for English tutors online. And that’s what we would normally associate with TESDA online program, but unfortunately, it’s not the way it is.

TESDA online program is like a book that you will not need to purchase. After you enrolled to a course of your choice, the website will give you a list of lessons you will have to study on. Yes, TESDA online program does not work like how other online schools do. It tells you to self-study on the lessons they will provide you. But of course, you will not be left alone. TESDA online program already provided you the resources you will need to learn to get you prepared for the practical assessment.
Practical assessment? Of course, you don’t expect to get certified just right after going through all of the lessons right? Practical assessments will be done by TESDA accredited schools where your knowledge and skills about the course will be tested by certified instructors.

To get through the lessons, you will be given links to websites which will help you with the certain lesson.
One example for this is my course where I enrolled animation (3D Digital). My first lesson is about Using an Authoring tool to Create an interactive system. Below the lesson is the reference I will need which redirected me to Autodesk’s website.
It was very difficult since you will not be redirected immediately to the lesson you were tasked with. In my case, I still had to register in Autodesk and search for the lesson and downloaded the tutorials that I will need for the lesson. There will be videos and articles that you will have to finish on. But take note, after you click the reference, the dotted box on the right will be marked check. If you think your still not finished with the lesson, you can manually tick the checkbox so it will still be blank.
In my course, I had to download some software so I can actually practice digital drawing through the software that they will be assessing you with. So I will advise that you check the resources you have if you can really go on through the course of your choice. Because if you want to enroll in animation but only have internet cafes to rely on, it will be very difficult when you are already tasked to install software with large memories like Maya. Maya is also a software that needs to be bought, so if you want it for free, you will need to get student license that will enable you to use the software free for three years.

Just like studying in colleges, TESDA online program also requires patience and diligence from students for you to be able to pass the National Certification assessments.


  1. Good good TESDA. This will benefit a lot. This could be also a career enhancer to many. As technology
    evolves the system, program and practices change. We also need to update our skills in order to be on top. Hoping that you will have additional courses.

  2. I tried before to get information about TESDA by
    going to their website, I had some inquiry regarding how the process of courses
    will be but when I sent them an email, sad to say they never replied to the
    inquiry. It’s better to join the group chat on Facebook to gain more ideas how
    TESDA works. My concern is there should be the proper dissemination of
    information by the Authority for this kind of courses so citizens will be aware

  3. I already have three national certificate taken in TESDA. I think this new online program is good because some training and studies can be done at home. The problem is the online support of the system. TESDA must be always online and ready to answer all the queries of the students which is in my experience, support is very important. And there must be an actual training before the evaluation process for hands-on experiences.

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