Marriage is sealed by a promise of forever. The love for each other is eternal, so ideal. Years with together leads to understanding the relationship and it gives more avenue of knowing each other’s strengths and weakness as each day pass by. Both aspire to be better and be the right person for each other.

Hence, expectations from each other are inevitable. The wife expects family financial support, family commitment, openness that entails honesty, affection, affirmation and a good conversation (having someone to talk to and being listened to). On the other hand, the husband is expecting sexual fulfillment, domestic support, praise, admiration (in his achievement) and recreational companion.

Unspoken expectations are expectations that they expect from their spouse that they did not divulge to their partner and just waiting from their partner to meet the expectation. The unspoken expectation will create disappointments and frustration from their spouse thus making it difficult for the spouse to understand where the anger and indifferent feeling from the spouse. Communication plays a big role in defining each other’s needs and expectations. The couple will have to clearly define each person’s unspoken expectation and as well as their unrealistic expectations.
Further, unrealistic expectations will continually make everything complicated and conflict from both parties. Both need to draw a line the acceptable expectation and too much expectation or unrealistic expectations. Below are expectations that the couple needs to discuss and compromise.

Trust is very important on couples. There are marriage that went out because of lack of trust. Having doubts with your partner is a big problem. Always have a time for each other each day. Make time to talk and communicate with each other. People make mistake by doubting each other and neglect on communication. This will build up and you think you are being cheated. Somewhat you want to get even and in return you made a mistake by doing something wrong. Always clarify and ask even if it’s an awkward thing to do. Talk about things on how to solve the problem.
Raising a family is somewhat difficult and satisfying. Having kids is the most wonderful thing that could happen to a couple. They will be your reason to live longer and work hard to give them a better future. There are times that we are already exhausted taking care of our children and we often forget to have time with our partner. Have some extra energy to speak with your partner. And don’t forget to make love every now and then. Remember that having intimacy with your partner gives a long lasting relationship.

Always forgive and forget. On a married life there are lots of trials that would come in the way. This will test your level of understanding to your partner. Having a fight with other is normal on couples. You should be happy if you are still arguing and fighting even if you are married for 30 years, that’s a sign that you still have felling with each other.

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