The art of seduction is a special art meant to make
an individual to have intense romantic feelings towards an individual that
leads to sex. Seducing a woman, therefore, takes a lot of effort and special
skills that most men have started mastering but seducing your female boss takes
a master at seduction to do it. This is because women who are successful tend
to take thing very serious while at work and also because most organizations
highly discourage office romance. This makes this a very dangerous exercise
because any wrong move that you make can get you fired quicker than you ever
imagined. There is, however, a few steps that you can follow to ensure you
safely seduce your female boss:
1.    Ensure that she is single
It is known that many women who are successfully
married would not be mostly interested in office romance and hence finding out
if she is married is the first thing you need to do. You wouldn’t want to
embarrass yourself by trying to hit on your married boss who is not even
remotely interested.
2.    Let her notice you
Your female boss will only fall for your tricks if
only he knows you. You, therefore, have to stop being invisible by looking
smart and making an impression especially in business meetings and at your
workplace without directing your attention to her.
3.    Flirt with her.
It’s easier to start flirting with your boss outside
the office for example in social gatherings organized by the company and this
guarantees that you do not lose your job if she doesn’t like it. If she responds
to you positively, you are therefore assured that she at least likes you and
therefore you can proceed to flirt with her even in the office. You need to be
very confident when starting to flirt with her as most women like men who are
not intimidated by their power.
4.    be available for her.
You need to give her the impression that you are
always willing to help her out with whatever she needs either in the office or
in her personal life. This makes sure that she knows that she can depend on you
and it also gives her romantic thoughts of you. Also, ensure that you always
keep it clear that you are single whenever the chance arises in your talk with
5.    Get her alone and ask her out.
After being aware that she is interested in you,
it’s your chance to ask her out and finish the game. If you play your cards
well, you not only get to hang out with your hot boss but also you get to get
her jump right into bed with you. Your date should, therefore, take place in a
more private place that signals romance and you can know whether she will have
sex with you through her signals.

These simple tips will not only help you to seduce
your hot single boss but also they can help you to seduce your married but
unsatisfied boss or any other female colleague at your place of work. But never
try to seduce your boss to get a promotion or other favors at your place of
work since it will mostly end very ugly for you.


  1. I know this is a pretty big fantasy, but dude we got to be realistic. There is almost any possibility that you can reach your female boss even with this article in hand, I mean the only way would be that you realized that she is actually attracted to you.

  2. Is this possible? I didn’t think it could happen. It’s hard to believe that there is an employee who has the guts to tell his boss his feelings and even seduce her. By the way, I love reading this article. Maybe because it sounds unique and funny but on the other hand interesting.
    I don’t think it’s possible and it maybe, who knows?

  3. It is so improper to seduce your boss. You should respect your boss always and she should feel safe and secured when you are around. If you can’t do that, you should resign. Be professional. Even if you like your boss so much, you have to control yourself because that is the best thing to do.

  4. That’s the initial assessment that I got from Brooke Miller, a relationship therapist who you may know from her regular Soapbox Therapy columns here at Primer. Brooke’s not a Freudian psychologist, but she still had a thing or two to say about the Oedipal complex, which clearly factors into this whole mess.

  5. This one makes my belly laugh. Really interesting topic for a snack read and try out with your female boss. Go, try to seduce her without these steps in your mind, I know you would definitely screw yourself. First, silently read it and then why not go out and try? I read it 10 times before this comment!

  6. I think this is just the normal way to ask anyone out. I don’t think this article will really help that much. The only thing I will advise is to look for her loopholes, study her weakness and try to help in that regards. Let her know you are interested in her affairs not just at work but personal issues too.

  7. If you love your job, it would be better if you won’t do this. Your hot boss deserves respect. If you say, you really like your boss, it would be better if you resign before you pursue her. But can you really do that? If not, control your emotion and be contended in your position.

  8. This is a really fun read to be honest. Although, I do not think that someone needs to do this. It’s really hard to have a relationship with someone you work with especially your own boss. However, if you are willing to sacrifice your work for love, then do it!

  9. Smart is the new sexy. If you dont have the biceps to flex when she’s around or that perfect jaw line you could emphasize, then what I advice to you is be good at your work. Show her how smart you are and you’re genuine and intelligent. Girls nowadays are more into humor.

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