When it comes to approaching a girl, a man is faced with a lot of fears as mostly you don’t know how the girl will respond to your advances. This is so as you won’t mostly know if you are the type of dude that the girl likes and so it’s always nice to ensure that the girl likes you before you approach her so as to save yourself from the embarrassment that may result from you being rejected by the girl. Some of the ways that you can use to ensure that she likes you before you approach her are:
Give her a romantic look
A romantic look is the first step to making a girl notice you even without saying a word to her and thereby if you can manage to look at her as if she is the most important thing in the world , then that will work wonders for you but always avoid staring at her as it will make you look like a freak and put her off.
Be available but not too available
Every girl loves a man who will always be there for her and therefore its really important for you to be available to lend a helping hand when she needs it but ensure that you do not become too available because if you do that, she will take you for granted and throw you into the friends zone. The trick is being there only if it’s necessary but not when she wants you to.
Be a gentle man.
A gentleman is the superhero in the dreams of every girl and therefore being one guarantees that she will welcome your advances when you approach her to ask her out. Being a gentleman, therefore, involves making her feel treasured and respected without making her feel like you are doing this just to take her to bed coz as you know, women hate greedy men. Being a gentleman, therefore, can involve moves like kissing her hand just to make contact with her or opening the door for her which will make her notice you. Complementing her also works the trick as it
makes her feel appreciated.
Take her out on a casual date
It’s always advisable to keep the first date as casual as possible to at least get to know her as the mistake that most men do is to approach a stranger which mostly looks really creepy to any lady who has class and self-respect. Therefore, when going out on the first date, you shouldn’t expect too much or even show that you expect too much from her even though if you are lucky you might get a kiss by the end of the day. Nevertheless, don’t forget to ask her out on another date and if she likes you, she will most definitely agree.



  1. If you want a girl to fall in love with you, just be yourself. If she doesn't, it only means she is not for you. Over all, great article. It is very insightful and might come handy for some.

    1. I agree with you MAE JAYCO. Being yourself is the most important thing before approach a girl. But these article helps very much for those who doesn't have any idea to make a girl fall for them.

    2. You’re correct. This is a helpful blog to those “shy type” guys who likes a woman but never really had a chance to approach or convince a girl. Great job James Dy!

    3. You are right. Confidence always at the top of the list that attracts women. Second will I guess be sincerity because girls loves affectionate guys and third is being honest. Honesty will always be the trait that girls get their head over heels at.

    4. On top of that, if you're objective in having a relationship with a person, that is obviously for the long term. And if it's a long term relationship, it should be true.

  2. "Be available but not available" Definitely got this right, most of men do not get this. Common mistake of men is that when they know the girl they start approaching her trying to be with the girl at all times as possible that somehow is creepy or will end up seeing you as a friend rather than a suitor.

    1. I agree with you JORGE JR BATUIGAS. In my own perspective opinion, I like guys who knows how to prioritize other things rather than sticking up with me all the time even though I'm still not her "girlfriend" because in that way, I can see that he is capable of prioritizing me in the future and that makes me feel secured.

    2. Yes you are correct MAE JAYCO, we girls want someone who knows how to prioritize things. Someone who could manage time for courtship and responsibilities, I bet it’s a turn on for girls.

    3. Yes, but also, what seldom happens is that, once the guy gets the sweet yes from the girl, all these courtship, efforts and what not tends to disappear little by little.

  3. Nice, it's quite good. But I think being a gentleman is most important among these. Specifically in case of a loyal and sincere girl who is looking forward towards a lasting relationship or even marriage. But these things vary person to person and we can not conclude anything because every one have different set of needs to be met.

    1. You are right. Every woman deserves a gentleman who would take care of them in any possible way. Every woman deserves a man who would make them feel so secure.

    2. I agree with you DIAMOND. Every women has their own standards when it comes to men and one thing I am sure of is a pure a genuine gentleman is number one turn on for girls.

    3. Of course. We are an individual and have our own taste about everything. We have our own lifestyle and that is usually the basis of our taste when it comes to finding a partner.

    4. You are right Diamond. Sometimes the person we feel attracted to are not really the one for us. Like they say behind every disappointment there is a blessing so don't feel too crushed if you don't get the girl.

  4. Great article. Another tip is confidence. When you are on a date with the girl, tell her a story about your dreams and aspirations. Women like men who dreams big. But make sure it is really true and do not make up stories just to impress her. Example, tell her that you are planning to get a doctoral course because you want to be a doctor. Just dream big and be true to yourself just like what it teaches here.

    1. This is another good tip for guys. Confidence is important when it comes to impressing a woman. But then as you have said, be honest and avoid being too conceited because woman wants a passionate man in their life rather than conceited ones.

    2. Yes confidence is the key. I agree with that. However, do you think there are girls, or person that actually likes the shy type? I would like to know. It seems cute too. lol

    3. You are right Rodney, women like confident guys but not too confident less it turns into a form of arrogance which will be totally uncool. Even shy guys can be pretty confident too but perhaps more nervous.

  5. I think it's a splendid article you wrote here. Most of the boys were being confused to express their feelings for a girl. No man can be refused from a girl. So you suggest some ways that is more effective for a man before offering a girl.

    1. This is the exact article to guys who are having problems with offering a girl. As a woman, the tips listed above makes me want to date a guy who complies every attitude said.

    2. I bet that the writer of this article is very good when it comes to woman. lol Do you think so? How would he know such information if he hasn't experience it himself.

  6. Men have been truly afraid of being rejected.This article helps them a lot how to be a first timer in wooing his lady on his dreams,sounds interesting for men how to do his first move.

    1. Rejection truly hurts. 😀 Guys should think of their first move very well to will girls hearts. But the most important thing to being true and show your confidence along with your moves. That makes girls fall in love.

    2. Abegail is right. For us girl, well I am talking for myself only, a very confident guy stands out the most. Not those c**** ones, but those guys that knows how to be themselves with modesty.

    3. I agree with MAE JAYCO. Confident guys with modesty are really worth a dime. Being too conceited and confident is so much different. Confident guys talk with humbleness and conceited ones talk with pure narcissism.

    4. Yes. I do prefer the confident type as well how ever I don't like those c**** once. There is a difference between being confident and being c*****, because I like to be cared for.

  7. Being honest and true to yourself makes the girl fall in love with you. Express your feeling without any lies and with confidence in what you feel for her. 🙂 This article is a good read anyways. Well written and great thoughts. Thanks for posting. Keep it up! God bless.

    1. I am really impressed with your comment, I was also thinking of it too. A boy who tells only true things without lying to a girl will easily make a girl to fall for him.

    2. Abigail is right. What could possibly go wrong if you are honest with a person. Yes, one might not agree with you on some point but there is no perfect relationship. However there is one true relationship.

    3. You are absolutely correct Abegail. Honesty pays a lot. If after being completely honest with her and she rejects you then she's not the one for you. Just forget about her and move forward.

  8. I would like to thank the blogger for choosing this interesting topic and writing an excellent article which explains about the topic very much in an understandable way. Keep writing this kinds of article.

    1. Mr. James Dy might become a cupid to someone else. Who know, someone who read this article might find his/her true love and eventually have a happy ever after.

  9. Thank you for this very helpful article. I may have to apply this for myself in the future. I agree with most of what is stated here. Most important is be honest with the girls about your intentions.

  10. Its easy to make any girl for you, as the article helpfully puts it, be yourself and let all that love ooze. Thanks for this wonderful post blogger. Keep it up. for me, i will really for someone who can sings well like the korean oppas we know. just sharing.

    1. I like your comment EARL RASHEEDA. Keep everything real and everything will fall into place. If you became honest to the person and yet it didn't work, then it only means you are not meant to be.

  11. I think you can make a lot of girls fall for you just by having a good look and having a presentable outfit. That can make you look more attractive than other guys.

    1. You are right. However, that is good for first impressions. It is very important though, but when it comes to the deeper part of the relationship, all physical things will be just second on the list.

  12. If you want to date a girl, you should read this article. However, it will be best to be yourself and impress the girl with the real you. Be confident of who you are.

    1. Yes, you are right. This article is merely a guide or just simple tips to help a person cope with this situation, just in case it comes to the point that the guy might black out. Who knows lol

  13. As most of you said we must be our self to make a girl fall in love with us before approaching her. This is because being our self is much more safer than acting in front her just to make her fall in love with us.

    1. True right? Would you like for a girl to just act right in front of you? If you like acting skills, there would be a chance that you would not like the real her since it is usually the opposite personality.

  14. I will guarantee you that everything which is said in this article will 100% work. I am saying this confidently because it happened in my life years ago and I was doing the exact things mentioned in the article.

    1. That is awesome. Keep it up! You could right your own article about your experience. Who knows, it might help someone as well! Kudos. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Making a girl to fall for us before approaching may seem to be a difficult task. But if we hard work for it and listen,understand and try to be what this article told us to be we would definitely make her fall for us before approaching her.

    1. I agree with you RAVI KL that it might be difficult for those who doesn't know anything about impressing a girl but it will be a simple task for those who knows how to handle a girl where she feels comfortable.

    2. You gentlemen are correct. It's all in the effort and understanding you put in that makes a relationship last long. Hope there are more man like you guys out there!

  16. Yep, definitely true. As a girl I can tell you that though we appreciate compliments, we can detect fake ones. And do not tell a girl you love her on the first day you met cause it would sound totally absurd.

    1. Absolutely. There are some guys who have a fake air about them. They even pretend to be someone they are not. If they could take pointers from this article, girls will stop see them as fake.

    2. That is really true. Sad but yes. Although you can understand why they did that, it's because they just want to impress the other person. Although I wouldn't mind if it's just a small white lie. I guess.

    3. I agree with you Mae but still it's better not to exaggerate your importance just to impress a girl cause at the end of the day she'll see you as an arrogant and proud person which isn't a good review.

    1. That is true. If you did gave out a little lie to impress a person, you still should tell the truth somehow. It might not be a big deal but it could be one as well.

    2. I agree with you Siriwardena, sometimes delay in confessing your feelings is very dangerous. Perhaps the girl feels the same way but don't know if you like her that way and she decides to date someone else.

  17. Definitely I would say that making a girl fall for you before approaching her is actually a difficult and complicated task. But if we follow all the tips in the article we could find it a little easier than before.

    1. Definitely. This could be a great and very helpful guide to some. It might be already obvious to some but who knows. It will make everything easier and smoother for future lovers.

  18. Making a girl fall for before approaching her sounds really good but in reality it will be tough one to make it real. This article should help those who want it happening in their life for real.

  19. This is a very good and impressive topic. I must say, as a girl if a guy followed the above tips I'm certain I'd develop some feelings for him, not necessarily love but maybe a crush, attraction or something close to that which will definitely make me want to explore it.

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