When it comes to approaching a girl, a man is faced with a lot of fears as mostly you don’t know how the girl will respond to your advances. This is so as you won’t mostly know if you are the type of dude that the girl likes and so it’s always nice to ensure that the girl likes you before you approach her so as to save yourself from the embarrassment that may result from you being rejected by the girl. Some of the ways that you can use to ensure that she likes you before you approach her are:
Give her a romantic look
A romantic look is the first step to making a girl notice you even without saying a word to her and thereby if you can manage to look at her as if she is the most important thing in the world , then that will work wonders for you but always avoid staring at her as it will make you look like a freak and put her off.
Be available but not too available
Every girl loves a man who will always be there for her and therefore its really important for you to be available to lend a helping hand when she needs it but ensure that you do not become too available because if you do that, she will take you for granted and throw you into the friends zone. The trick is being there only if it’s necessary but not when she wants you to.
Be a gentle man.
A gentleman is the superhero in the dreams of every girl and therefore being one guarantees that she will welcome your advances when you approach her to ask her out. Being a gentleman, therefore, involves making her feel treasured and respected without making her feel like you are doing this just to take her to bed coz as you know, women hate greedy men. Being a gentleman, therefore, can involve moves like kissing her hand just to make contact with her or opening the door for her which will make her notice you. Complementing her also works the trick as it
makes her feel appreciated.
Take her out on a casual date
It’s always advisable to keep the first date as casual as possible to at least get to know her as the mistake that most men do is to approach a stranger which mostly looks really creepy to any lady who has class and self-respect. Therefore, when going out on the first date, you shouldn’t expect too much or even show that you expect too much from her even though if you are lucky you might get a kiss by the end of the day. Nevertheless, don’t forget to ask her out on another date and if she likes you, she will most definitely agree.



  1. This is great, especially for not falling into the “friend zone”. That can be true for both women and men, that girls need to appear to have lives and not be waiting around for the guy to text or call. In fact, the best way to look like you have a life is to actually have one! Get out and do something and sign-up for social activities, it will help you meet the guy or girl in the first place!

  2. I am an organist and visited a church.I meet this girl and fell in love the first day.I gave my line to her and I call her everyday.but she doest wants to accept being ma girlfriend.What can I do to win her love and accept me as a boyfriend.

    1. I think the first thing you should know is to be sure if she is not in another relationship already. If she is not in any, Give her a lot of attention and be very plain with her. Let her know you love her for nwho she is and you are not coming to her life to deceive her. I think the tips will help.

  3. If you are a shy type of guy who cannot tell how much you love the girl, be there when she needs you. Just what this article says, be her super hero. Always stare at her as if there’s no one else but her. But of course, you have to tell her your feelings too.

  4. Yes, this is the perfect illustration on how to treat a lady.
    For the perfect gentlemen, we know that you will have a way to make a lady love you but the shy gentlemen I will beseech you to read this article, and made it your guide, this will teach you the act of making that beautiful girl you have been stalking your girlfriend.

  5. You are offering something kike the deodorant of which mark I cannot remember, haha. But for real, I do not want every girl crazy about me if the girl that I like is not. So I will use your advice to call the attention of that special girl, thanks a lot!

  6. A nice article indeed, guys who really want to make ladies fall for them, just have to look very good and smart those are things ladies watch out for, again your composure matters alot. Ladies will definitely fall for you when they know they will be secured around you.

  7. Really! I am a lady but I can’t fall for all except one. Taking me out on a date is the only thing that can shift my attention to you. I don’t really know why I am easily bought with such though. I think every lady knows what she likes though. I think the guy should know what the girl likes before anything. It will make things easier.

  8. If you are not yet ready to tell her that you have feelings for her, make her feel that she is very special. This article will tell you effective ways on how you can show a girl how much she means to you. This article will help you reveal your feelings through your actions.

  9. Too many guys rush right in, express their undying infatuation to a girl they like and expect everything to work out just fine. To make it simpler to understand, wooing a girl is like a first kiss. As much as you’d like the thought, you know you just can’t walk up to any girl on the street and kiss her, can you? It’s all about warming her up, letting her know your intentions, and waiting for her to reciprocate your intentions.

  10. The first approach is probably the last approach. The main components of making your dream lover love you is clearly mentioned in this article starting from a romantic look, gentle smile, being available for her inside a limit and lastly taking her to a casual date at the right time.

  11. I think this is how I want someone to treat me actually. As the article stated above, it is very important to treat someone right. Treat her like a queen. Also, first impressions really last so it is very important to treat your girl right and give your best from the start.

  12. Experiences say that it is not always what you say or do that makes a person fall in love with you. Pheromones play a big part on attracting someone. It is not something we have control over. Thinking that there are things you can do to have someone’s affections might lead you to unnecessary disappointment.

  13. Awesome, I think all relationship to get success must be attention to some ideas and notes as you mention ,also
    Communicate openly about issues and ideas, And make listening a priority, And Spend most of time with her, will make this relationship magical, And this subject is awesome and hope i see more subjects like this because its more interesting.

  14. Yes, indeed love is in the air. I think it’s very hard for a man to show emotions that is why it’s difficult for them approaching a girl. Actually, we can be easily pleased by being a total gentleman and becoming a friend then you will be on the right track.

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