Probably you have met this type of men. Things seem to work
their way when ladies are the subject matter. He treats her like crap but she still
clings to him even harder. You happen to be some nice guy who treats her like a
princess and respects. However, she still runs back to the ‘abusive’ relationship.
Is it their d*#k game that’s off the hook? Apparently, he has her because he is
a bad boy. He doesn’t take crap and does whatever he feels like. A free spirit I
might add. So why does she prefer the bad boy? 
Give a feeling of protection
Bad boys tend to have control. The illusion of control is
said to be more powerful than actual power. Bad boys are known to wop anyone’s
a$$ to preserve their own dignity. You really do not want to imagine what
extend he will be willing to go to preserve his woman’s dignity. Every lady
desires to have a knight in shining armor. This also gives the woman a feeling
of power.
They are adventures
I have always insisted that ladies hate to be bored. The bad
boy is always adventures which makes him very unpredictable. This is exciting to
most women making them attracted to such a man. Bad boys live on the wild
extremes and they often drag their women into the lifestyle. Such individuals
do not have any regard for the rule book and to them boundaries are there to be
surpassed. She indeed can never resist such a man.
Ladies love mystery
It is scientifically proven that women love mystery. This is
caused by their desire to try and fix anything broken. The more broken a dude
is the more attractive he becomes. A bad boy is a challenging mystery that
women would like to solve. Think of it like one big puzzle.
Are perceived to be masculine
The characteristic of a bad boy is confidence and dominance.
Some friend of mine usually says, they have so much confidence that it
overflows as arrogance. They operate on their own terms hence making them very
masculine. No woman wakes up in the morning and hopes that her man would do
everything they are told to do.
They are indifferent
Any lady that makes the decision to date a bad boy clearly
knows what she has signed to. She prefers the life of staying with the boring self-declared
good guys who secretly have some dark traits. Bad boys cannot be tamed but are
honest to their actions. They own up to their miss doings and surprisingly they
know how to be remorseful. 
Bottom-line; try to be yourself by not hiding beneath a good
guy act when you know very well you are not. If you are not a bad boy don’t force
it on yourself least it comes out as horrible as a cry for help. Do this and
you will definitely thank me later.


  1. This is an interesting topic. Though I don't like boys that are that bad. I like a balance between good and bad. It keeps things interesting and not predictable. Though I see the appeal to bad bad boys I'll take the good bad ones.

  2. I like bad boys, they always tend to attract me, but in the long run I always either end-up with the good guy or really wish I did. A guy who can’t – or won’t hide his bad boy traits at least to impress you in the way that Is acceptable to society will always end-up doing what he wants and that usually leads him away from any (healthy) settled relationship.

  3. A bad boy, or a bad girl, by definition, will have a reckless personality. That is one of the traits that gets a person the bad tag. Whether that is gambling, drinking, sleeping around, being an adulterer or even criminal activity, it offers an attraction regardless of how wrong it might be.

  4. For women, bad boy are strong and more romantic. That’s the reason most heroes in novels have a bad boy image. But fiction is different from reality. In real life, bad boys have a lot of negative traits so don’t fall in love easily with a man who has a bad boy image.

  5. “Nice guys finish last” that is what some people say, why would it be? You actually mentioned a lot of the aspects I thought about this, especially the one of protection, yes that is definitively a reason. They want to feel save and dating one of these guys is a way to do so.

  6. Dating a bad guy, have it pro and cons, but some girls prefer bad boys and not all girls. But guys keep your personality don’t change your life because you want to date a girl, just be yourself. This is a good write-up for boys. But don’t let this change your personality just be your self and leave that girl that follow the bad boyz

  7. This article helped me realize why men who have a bad boy image become a hero. It’s because their personality goes beyond their physical looks. Not all who have a rough attitude are bad. Sometimes, their hearts can also be good. This is the reason those who have a bad boy image become a knight in shining armor type because they tend to protect their loved ones with their life.

  8. Even I’ve been this type of a character to some random girls in my high school and I loved being genuinely me acting in front of girls no matter what others do care. It’s women’s nature to choose the best fit who has the mentioned characteristics of a bad boy, no matter how smooth and kind personality others have.

  9. Sometimes a bad boy can be your knight in shining armour because he is the one who can protect you in times of trouble. Most men who have this kind of image are actually softies. If you talk to them and get to know them well, it will make you realize that they are really good people.

  10. Everyone knows what he/she likes. We are very different but as for me I will never date a bad boy. I love a cool headed person who will listen to you when you need attention and love not the guy that will bully you whenever there is a little quarrel.

  11. I’ve always been interested or pining on bad boys when watching a series or reading a book. There is just something about them that is very exciting and mysterious. Though, I think I’ll only be able to fall with someone who pretends to be a bad boy but is secretly not.

  12. The thing that every man should be a good and bad boy in the same time that what i think all the girl search they want some bad boys who they can protect them and some good boy for give them some romance , and i think also maybe the girl like mostly the bad boys just for to fix them to became a good boys

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