Being in a relationship
with the person you love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.
But things can go though also. If you are in a relationship, you should always
try your best to make the bond stronger. And for making the love last long, you
have to follow some basic rules. So, it is important to know how to make your
relationship stronger. Here are some basic tips.
Yes, ofcourse! It is love
without which no relationship can stand for a while! Where there is no love,
there is no way! Because love is the only way! It is like the “Water the
tree” fact! The more you water the tree of relationship with love, the
more strong it will grow! So, increase the dose of your love if you want a
stronger relationship!
If there is no respect in
a relationship, there is a huge chance that the relationship won’t work! Both
of the partners have to respect each other.
Be loyal, don’t cheat on
your partner. Cheating on your partner is one of the most common reasons for
break ups!
Care for your partner.
Care for everything related to your partner. Being cold in a relationship can
do nothing but ruin it.
Have faith on your
partner. Trust your partner. Otherwise this will end up with a break up with broken
No one is perfect! Two
imperfect souls meet each other and can create a perfect relationship by
accepting the way they are!
Communication is the key!
Without communication, no relationship can last long. The more you communicate
with each other, the more strong the love will be.
Be committed. Be serious.
Stay with your partner not just for passing your time, but for spending the
whole life together!
Pay attention to your
partner. Pay attention to what he/she needs, pay attention to what he/she
wants, pay attention to what he/she asks for! By giving attention, you are
making connection!
Without compromising, no
relationship can go too far. There will be some moments where you won’t agree
with each other, just compromise!
Always support your
partner. Be the helping hand he/she needs. Be a friend, be there for him/her
whenever he/she needs you.
Flirt with each other
whenever you can! Boost your love with some flirting. This will help you to
keep your relationship young!
Forget the past. Think
about the present. Only the present matters. Let the past fade. Give it a new
Whenever you feel that you
have done something wrong, just apologize! It takes nothing to apologize, but
it will help your partner to realize that you feel guilty for your deeds and
you do care about their feelings!
Learn to forgive. If your
partner makes some mistakes, but still he/she feels guilty and apologize to
you, forgive him/her! Don’t stretch it for too long, it will cause harm to your
#Spending Time Together
Spend some quality time
together. Take out time for each other as much as you can. Go on dates! The
more you spend time with each other, the more you will be closer to each other.
No, it doesn’t need to be
sexual always! Stay close, give a hug, kiss him/her. Even only holding the
hands can enrich the bond. Touching matters!
Share everything. Share
your likes, pains, works, dreams! Sharing means caring!
#Consider Their Opinion
Consider your partners
views, opinions. Because you are in a commitment now, you just can’t do
whatever you want. You have to consider their views and decisions also.
#Have Fun
Experience new things
together, go on trips together, do silly things together, laugh together, try
new hobbies together. Don’t let it be boring. Add some excitement to your love
Always remember the things
about your partner. Don’t forget about the little things also. Like – his/her
habits, what he/she likes to do, what he/she likes to eat etc. These things
also matter!
Don’t forget the special
dates like birthdays, anniversaries! Celebrating together adds more vibes to
your relationship.
#Talk about Important
Talk about your career.
Talk about your future. Talk about your family planning. As you are in a
serious relationship and you are going to spend the whole life together, so you
should also discuss about the important things about your life.
This is important! Romance
with your partner. Show romantic gestures each day. Romance adds life to your
Give some space. Take some
space. Do something on your own. Let them do too.
Jealousy is also
important. If you love someone, it is very normal to be jealous. If there is no
jealousy, that means there is no love and care!
#Fights and Arguments

This may sound funny, but sometimes fights and arguments
are also important. Those show that you are really serious about your
relationship. Because arguments actually occurs w


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  4. I will always say the key to every lasting relationship is commitment without this and the others listed on this article you relationship is sure to be in jeopardy. Couples should learn to trust themselves always and in every situations. Lovely article and a must read for all.

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