You should be aware that your relationship with
money can get in the way of your actual relationship. Money is said to affect
the relationship dynamics. Statistics shows that it’s responsible for a large
percentage of breakups. Financial secrets will most definitely draw a wedge
between spouses. This gives that feeling of financial infidelity. Several myths
have been coined to try and explain this twist. However, if you are keen enough
you, ought to be able to detect this money issues before becoming a victim.

Ask the right questions
In a personal relationship, it is very important to
understand the financial picture of your spouse. To begin with, ask the right
questions in the relationship. You should establish whether you want separate
accounts, joint account or both. While saving money, you should have a clear
goal in mind. Asking these questions will be very handy in agreements on your financial
planning. By doing this, you will be able to avoid unnecessary relationship wrangles.
Jointly face the market fluctuation
Investing as a couple is a very emotional activity. Fear
of the unknown and anxiety may be a cause of a wedge between spouses. During
such times, people are in so much frustration thus making it hard to be
understood or rather expressing themselves. Of cause in most relationships, one
will play active part in the financial matters, the ‘nerd’ while the other not
so active. However, if the investment management is shared then it becomes very
easy to resolve such matters. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard and their
input to be considered.
Don’t shy away from money fights
Money fight is normal to a relationship. This is
because men and women vary on how they view money. To women it is a security
issue while men view it as a scorecard that gives them esteem. Everyone at some
point must have made some dumb financial mistake. Most people tend to shy away
from this matter of great concern. Money fight does not bring an end to a
relationship, lack of compromise does. That said every party deserves a chance
to give input on the financial expenditure.
Treat yourselves as three entities
In a relationship to avoid resentments it is advised
at times to treat the partners as individuals and then the relationship. These
three entities have needs that should be respected. While trying to meet the
various needs, a flexible balance should be established. This does not necessarily
mean that every entity gets a third of the income. However, no party should
feel unfairly treated.
All of us are looking for money to uplift our
standard of living and get security. As we strive to get the best money has to
offer we should try to achieve the same from our spouses. Open communication of
all matters affection the couple is very crucial for the relationship. I assure
you this will draw the line between ignorance and arrogance. Money when
effectively handled is going to be a great source of joy to any couple.
Otherwise, it might end up being the relationship ghost.


  1. Treat your spouse as you would want him or her to treat you. This may seem simple and obvious, but it’s something that a lot of couples forget to do, especially the longer they’re married.

  2. I tend to not let money issues get involved in relationships by keeping tips like these in mind. I tend to already do the things suggested here, so for me, it’s not an issue. But for those of you not practiced in money issues, this is a great guide to keep your relationship on an even keel.

  3. One of the best ways to ensure a happy partnership and a secure marriage is to make a great financial match

  4. How much cash all of us help to make could be a sensitive concern, especially inside a romantic relationship exactly where there’s a significant distinction within earnings. Based on the Diary associated with Accountancy, cash problems is actually the main cause which partners dispute, as well as pressure more than the way the home stays, will save as well as will pay the actual expenses can lead to heavy sections as well as fault.

  5. I am being honest when I say there is not a bigger proof of love, that when the money entrance is scarce. This is the kind of article that helps people to deal with their problems, you actually are helping me right now that I’m passing through a hard economic situation.

  6. A lot of couples get married not considering there monetary decisions making. Some marriages later got broke up because of financial issues. But this article is telling most married and to be married couples out there how to by pass money issue argument and how to relate to each other when it comes to money.

  7. As the saying goes: money was made to be spent. I would like to put it this way that money is a character that must be given the right operation to function in. We can’t rule out the fact that there can be some unplanned actions, yet money must be influenced with the right decision. In the decision making process, it is worthy of note to state that a wrong decision at the right time becomes a wrong decision. Therefore agreement is a vital tool to end money crisis in a relationship.

  8. Communicate well, that is the best solution in case your partner is facing some problems especially when it comes to financial matters. If you are having fights about money, you have to read this article. It will help you better deal with your situation. Be patient, you can find ways to resolve all the financial problems you have.

  9. I think it all bores down to how understanding both partners are. As for me when I discover there is a financial issue, I call my husband and sit him down to discuss about it. We talk on who pays this, who pays that and at the end of the day we come to conclusion. That solves the problem.

  10. I really hate it whenever people are fighting over money. I think that it is something that can be talked about and can be resolved.

  11. Handling relationship and money seems too hard to manage. But there is always a solution for these issue. As the Jesus says, “you cannot serve two masters,” I think it is about what is our major priority. If our priority is relationship, we must put an importance on this. Meaning giving time and effort to deepen our relationship to other or simply to our spouse is our top to-do list everyday. And you can use money too for building a strong relationship.

  12. Money should not be one of the things that your partner having a fight with. It is not healthy. Both of you should have a good understanding or agreement about this matter or else, you will have an endless fight about money. Both of you should always divide the responsibilities whether money or not.

  13. They say money can’t buy happiness; I think not. It can sure do buy happiness, but only for a short amount of time. If you’re planning to buy happiness via money, however, lose your family instead, that’s called idiocy. Money is not the root of evil; the love for money is.

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