Sometimes God is responds to our prayers immediately. For example, we
pray God to get a job in the morning and receive a call by evening
for an interview. We ask God for financial help in our hard time and
get some bonuses by week’s end. However, sometimes our prayers are
answers more slowly. Sometimes He delays are prayers because that
time was not perfect for what we were praying for, it leads us to
believe that our prayers are ignored but in fact God is waiting for
the perfect time to bestow us with what we were asking as He is the
best planner. At the time, we are in waiting position for God to
answer, to solve a difficult situation, to recover patient, to get a
disobedient child home, and we see darkness in every corner, it can
overcome us and cause disappointment. Like some prayers of most of us
remain unanswered throughout life. We are not the first and last
person to face silence.

Do not get disappointed on silence just pray and believe and one-day
definitely we will get what we were asking for. Prophet Abraham
prayed God for years with the belief and finally God answered his
prayer by blessing him with a son. Joseph patiently waited for years
alone and asked God to bring back together him with his family, on
many occasions Israelites bared imprisonment for centuries and waited
on God to answerer them. They waited patiently with a belief for the
promised place in the jungle. Moreover, they were waiting for Messiah
to help them.
There are mainly four fundamental categories listed below that why
our prayers are unanswered
  • Holy Sins : Hypocrisy, Doubt, Flippancy, Pride Etc
  • Deprived Relationships: Unforgiveness, Rudeness, Malice, Wrath,
    Anger & Divisiveness.
  • Main Sin : Things Characterized As Doing Something Evil
  • Praying Without Believing: Not Fasting, Lack Of Diligence.
God has rather something better for us:
Martha and Mary want Jesus to cure Lazarus, but He had something
different in mind, resurrection. We pray for healthy life, but
sometime suffering sickness or a little less than wealth is the
perfect way to develop maturity and holiness in us. Our premature son
David died after birth. God’s knows that it would be difficult for us
to bring him up as his heart was weak and he was disabled.
We pray something that that has been predetermined:
Praying to have a baby girl or boy that has been conceived or praying
for someone’s health who has already dead. Such prayers are
We get dishearten in prayer by considering ourselves no from God
Patience is a reply. Wait is not rejection. God sometime postpone are
prayers to develop patience and determination, and construct our
faith in Him.
One closed door, open another window. God’s “no” for
something is a “yes” to something else.
I proposed several girls in university. He said “no” so
that I could find better and compatible life partner than those


  1. What a hopeful and beautiful article! I agree, even though we might not understand the reasons, God knows what we can never know. We must have faith. This article is exactly right in that there are always reasons beyond our comprehension. If we keep trying for ourselves, and the people around us, then we can be assured we are doing what He wants, and the rest will fall into place, even if it’s difficult and even painful for the time being, there is a reason for everything.

  2. God created us and knows infinitely more than we know. He knows what is best for us, and what would not be good for us. If you have children, when they were very small, sometimes they asked for things that would not be good for them, or would harm them. For good reasons sometimes parents do not always give their children what they ask for when they ask for it. Parents give them what is best for them.

    1. I really agree with you on this. God is the alpha and Omega which means the beginning and the end, He knows what would happen if he gives us anything. So he limit what he gives you. That’s why man need to patient. It’s even possible when you are asking is not even the right time.

  3. In the event that we now have valued sins within our life, as well as won’t provide them with upward, or even in the event that we’re performing points all of us shouldn’t be performing, and therefore are disobeying Him or her, all of us can’t anticipate Him or her in order to solution the hopes. He or she can’t the solution the hopes in the event that we now have sins within our life which are unconfessed or even in the event that we’re dangling onto valued sins.

  4. There is not such a thing as a not heard prayer, God always lessons, but the fact that you do not get what you wanted, does not mean that He is not lessening, probably there is something that you have to learn before to surpass or get over that situation that motivated you to pray.

  5. God hears to every person that try to talk with Him. The thing is that He does not respond in the way that perhaps we wanted Him to do it. He just wants the best for us, that is why we must not think on the “why” and focus on the “for what”.

  6. Am happy seeing a religious topic after all *winks*, the major reason why prayers are not being answered is living a life of sin, we need to be pure in heart and in spirit for our prayers to be heard by God, another thing you can try out is praises when prayers seems not to be answered praise is an alternative.

  7. We need to wait patiently upon the Lord, He created us and know what’s right for us and when it’s right to give us the thing we are asking for. So after considering many people in the Bible like Abraham, Lazarus, e.t.c. I will advice us to wait and continue praying for the thing we are asking for He will provide it for us in the right time.

  8. I think God perfectly know our needs more than we do. It may be that what we think we really need is not God’s want for us. God said in the Bible that His thought for us is not of evil but of good always. God will never neglect His own. Try to be upright in your endeavors and He will surprise you soon.

  9. I think that we should always believe that He has reasons on why he didn’t grant your wish yet, maybe it’s not the right time.

  10. I think if my prayers are not answered, I should keep praying and do my best ,and feel optimistic , because God always bring the good things to the human , and maybe if the prayers are not answered there are a bad things about them, and God didn’t answered them to keep you safe .

  11. This is now where our faith and trust is put to test. Being faithful that God will never give you something that will harm you should make you start to wonder if your wish is beneficial or not. Whenever we pray, we always entrust our wishes to God. The writer is right, not because your prayers became unanswered for a long time does it mean your prayers are being ignored, God waits for the proper time to make sure that your wish does you good than harm. Same with parents with a child, when you ask for a knife, it will not be given to you. Same with God, if he knows your wish could be the reason for you to be endangered, then your wish may be delayed or may not be granted at all, all for your sake.

  12. Don’t be disappointed if your prayers, hopes and wishes are not answered by God. There is a reason why He hasn’t answered or approved it today. Never blame Him for your failures or delays in granting what you prayed for because He has already set His plans for before He grants your prayers and wishes.

  13. What a nice article, indeed! If the great and the almighty God don’t answer your prayer now, then thou shalt wait, for God has other plans for you. Who knows? Maybe, you’re going to win the lottery in the end? Who knows, what if in the end, you’d as rich as Bill Gates?

  14. There are 3 answers to your prayer YES, NO and WAIT. YES, because it’s for you and it just the perfect time. NO, because it’s not for you and not yet the right time and WAIT because there is something better for you. Be conscious of the signs for your prayer.

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